Interview with Sahana Bajracharya

Interview with Sahana Bajracharya

This interview was shown in Image Channel. The three part interview was shown in ‘On The Road’. The Miss Nepal 2010 runner up – Miss Nepal Earth 2010. She participated in Miss Nepal 2008 – the competition was canceled in the final hours. Sahana couldn’t participate in Miss Nepal 2009 but managed to participate in […]

Rajatpat - January 28, 2015

Rajatpat – January 28, 2015

Filmy program ‘Rajatpat’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlights of this program: Interview of producer Deepak Manange. Trailer of new movie ‘One Way’. Ratyauli song of new movie ‘Ajhai Pani’. Trailer of new movie ‘Sambodhan’. Interview of producer Saroj. Interview of actor Daya Hang Rai. Interview of actress Namrata Shrestha.

TV Filmy - January 17, 2014

TV Filmy – January 17, 2014

Filmy program ‘TV Filmy’ was shown in TV FILMY Channel. Highlights of this program: New song of new movie Ajhai Pani. Interview of actress Puja Sharma. Shooting report of new movie ‘Homework’. Actress Gauri Malle celebrate her birthday in movie homework’s set. Interview of actress Gauri Malla. Interview of Nirak Paudel. Interview of actor Aryan […]