Jul 222014

The guests of the show producer Chhabi Raj Ojha, reviewer Deependra Lama, reviewer Sushil Poudel, director Dipendra K. Khanal.

filmy checkpost july 22

  • A report on Ashish Rana (Lahure) and upcoming movie ‘Tandav’. The movie features Namrata Shrestha, Lahure and is directed by a British national Murey Kerr.
  • Neeta Dhungana and Sohit Manandhar danced in ‘Bhul Bhulaiya’. The movie also features Jiwan Luitel.
  • A report on 51-days celebration of ‘Nai Na Bannula 2′ and the announcement of ‘Nai Na Bannula 3′ – the third sequel of the movie.
  • A song of ‘Mero Vaentine’

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Kollywood ko Jatra - Episode 28

Kollywood ko Jatra – Episode 28

Lok Baje has brought the 28th episode of ‘Kollywood ko Jatra’. In this episode of the funny filmy news program: Samchar jatra – Lok Baje’s 12 suggestions for the “Rastriya Chalchitra Niti” Tailer jatra – analysis of the trailer of ‘Mero Valentine’, and a song from the movie Gufgaf jatra – Film distributor Gopal Kayasta [...]

Clap Board - July 2014, Week 3

Clap Board – July 2014, Week 3

The third episode of Nepali film program ‘Clap Board’ was telecasted in NTV Plus on July 21, 2014. The program run by Rajan Ghimire covers the current happenings in the Nepali film industry in the week before. Highlights of this episode: Dr. Minendra Rijal promised to implement the National Film Bylaw in an event held [...]

Sumina Ghimire - interview in Limelight

Sumina Ghimire – interview in Limelight

Actress Sumina Ghimire in ‘Limelight’ of July 20, 2014. The highlight of the interview: Response of her family to Sumina’s role in movie. About the threat of Sumina to a journalist. Sumina responds why she took such action. Does Sumina gets angry fast ? Talk about the movie ‘Dulahi’ and her experience of working with [...]

Entertainment Weekly, July 2014, week 3

Entertainment Weekly, July 2014, week 3

The main highlights of the entertainment program by Naresh Koirala ‘Entertainment Weekly’ are: The program starts with a music video of Milan Amatya – ‘Aamar geet …’ Creative National Award and cultural program was held at Pokhara Sabhagriya. The artists honored in the program include Ramkrishna Dhakal, Jitu Nepal, Anuradha Koirala, Aashis Rana ‘Lahure’ and [...]

Black and White - dancer Rashmi Kharel

Black and White – dancer Rashmi Kharel

The host of the program, Bijaya Lama is presenting an one-legged dancer Rashmi Kharel lost one of her feet during a childhood. The driver of the vehicle had actually tried to kill her but she survived. Rashmi talks about her struggle as a disabled person. Although it was a a big struggle in her life, [...]

Rajatpat - July 16, 2014

Rajatpat – July 16, 2014

Nepali film program ‘Rajatpat’ is Prakash Subedi’s weekly program. Highlights of July 16 edition of the program: Program starts with a new song from the movie ‘Stupid Man’ — “Yeuta Saano Ghar … “ “Nai Nabhanna La 2″ celebrated 51 days in theaters and also made a record business. The producer of ‘Nai Nabhannu La [...]

Kollywood Ko Jatra - Episode 27

Kollywood Ko Jatra – Episode 27

The Episode 27 of the funny Nepali movie show, ‘Kollywood ko Jatra’ starts with Samchar Jatra: Why did Rajesh Hamal went to Thakur’s marriage? Why Brazil football and Nepali film are similar ? Tailer Jatra – film review: A trailer of ‘Punte Parade’ – Lok Baje makes fun of the use of Hindi language and [...]

Artists plan for the World Cup football final

Artists plan for the World Cup football final

FIFA World Cup final is going to be held between Argentina and Germany in a couple of hours. You might want to know which team our artists are supporting. Keki Adhikari is going to her maternal home to enjoy the World Cup. She is planning to stay awake the whole night in celebration of the [...]

Frame by Frame - July 12, 2014

Frame by Frame – July 12, 2014

This week’s ‘Frame by Frame’ by Sahana Bajracharya features: A report on the movie “Birkhe Lai Chinchhas”. The actor Subash Thapa is debuting as a producer in this movie. An interview with Subash and the director Araj Keshav is also included. A song from ‘Stupid Man’ – “Timro Aankha ma …” A report on upcoming [...]