Jan 232017

Highlights of this video:

  • The first scandal in Nepali movie industry was that of Rajesh Hamal and Kristi KC.
  • The director of Bhagya Rekha, Deepak Rayamajhi had kicked out Rajesh Hamal and Kristi KC from the movie after shooting for few days.
  • Actress Karishma Manandhar (Karishma KC at that time) had also rejected the movie after knowing that a new guy, Rajesh Hamal was the hero of the movie.
  • The scoop and the scandal was the first of such kind in the Nepali movie industry.
  • Rajesh Hamal was a victim of a scandal even before he debuted in the Nepali movie industry.
  • Later, Hamal told that it was an unjust move to remove him from ‘Bhagya Rekha’.
  • But, everything happened to benefit him in long run.
  • Although the movie was a hit movie, that didn’t benefit the ‘Bhagya Rekha’ actor, Rabindra Khadka.

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