May 072010

It would be great when an actress is signed in another movie efven beofre the ocmpletion of the first movie – that too in a film industry with a lot more reach than the Nepali movie industry. That has happened to the Nepali actress Soniya KC. The actress is signed in another movie before the completion of the shooting of her debut movie in the film industry.

Soniya is busy in the shooting of ‘Pyar Karela Himmat Chahi’ under Jagadamba Film Production. She is signed in another movie by the same production company.

After being impressed by the actress in the first movie, the director Anil Sarraf has decided to sign her in the second movie. The movie is titled ‘Sarkaile Khatiya Jada Lage’. The movie features Bhojpuri superstar Rabi Kishan.

The actress has told that she is very excited to be working in the second movie. In Nepali movies the actress was featured in a number of films like ‘Silsila’, Rajbhai, Timro Ghar Mero Sasurali, The Soldier, Ke Sainole Blaun, Damayanti, Gorkha Paltan etc.

Although she had faced a bit difficulty in the language while working in Bhojpuri films, the actress has told that she has managed it.


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  1. soniya your body is so sexy

  2. soniya you are a very sexy.

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