Jun 242011
Rekha Shah

Singer Rekha Shah won the legal battle to snatch the copyright of the song she sang in a competition and won the first prize. The song was recently remade and released by Music Nepal. But, the copyright of the song was shared by another singer Prem Raja Mahat and Music Nepal. The battle and the […]

Jun 242011
Three Nepali movies to be released today

Today, June 24, 2011, three Nepali movies are going to be released in Nepal. The movie directed by Pramod Bhandari, Sapath, and two movies of Prashant Tamang are going to be released in the Kathmandu. Angalo Yo Mayako directed by Chunni Lal Ghimire and Kina Mayama directed by Binod Sereng will be released 4 and […]

Jun 242011
Arunima Lamsal to be a mother soon

Nepali actress Arunima Lamsal had been shying away from film related events and had stopped signing new films. There were rumors of misunderstanding between Arunima and her husband, Amit Aryal. But, the real reason for her solitary life was pregnancy. A Nagarik reporter accidentally found out the news, Arunima had tried to hide from the […]

Jun 202011
Reason for beating Bhuwan KC, Sharmila's husband reasons

The husband of Sharmila Dangol, Bhuwan KC‘s girlfriend, who beat Bhuwan on May 15 explained the reason of beating in a daily newspaper. The businessman was betrayed by his wife for the limelight of movie star, who had divorced two of his wives previously. Known to be one of the playboys in Nepali movie industry, […]

Jun 132011
Yuvaraj Lama appointed member secretary of NSC

In Nepal, every thing involving youth has politics involved. The education system is so immersed in politics that even the school kids have political affiliation. Sports is another sector, highly politicized in Nepal. The political leaders taking control of these sectors don’t know anything about the job they take. The latest example is the nomination […]

Jun 122011
Prashant Tamang promoting Angalo yo Mayako and Kina Mayama

Actor/singer Prashant Tamang is currently in Kathmandu to promote his upcoming movie Angalo Yo Mayako and Kina Mayama. The third Indian Idol Prashant started his movie career with Gorkha Paltan. The success of the debut movie has created hopes for Prashant in the success of other movies and we might be able to see more […]