Sep 262017
Happy Dashain 2017

Happy Dashain 2074 Dashain is one of the longest and the most auspicious festivals in the annual calendar of Nepal. The festival is celebrated by Nepalese people living in Nepal and all over the world. The festival is most common among the Nepali-origin locals in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and North Indian hills. People return to […]

Sep 252017
New movie Mero Paisa Khoi song - Ooh Kanchhi (Barsha Raut)

Mero Paisa Khoi The movie is produced by Rose Rana and directed by Rana himself. Initially, the movie was directed by an Indian director. But, as the shooting progressed, the director and the producer had misunderstanding and the director left erasing all the shooting clips of the movie. As the script was kept secret by […]

Sep 202017
Milan Amatya divorce why?

Gala Ratai singer Milan Amatya has ended her 6 years old married life recently. Milan Amatya and her husband Mention Amatya have given conflicting reasons of separation. They were living separately for the last six months and had processed the divorce application. The news was unveiled after they were officially separated. Here is a video […]