Jan 112013

On this Friday, January 11, 2013 four new movies are releasing in theaters in Nepal. Rekha Thapa‘s ‘Jaljala’, ‘Dalal’, ‘s ‘Dhadkan Bhitra’ and Karma‘s ‘Adhyaya’ are made on four different themes.



The movie based on the story of Maoist civil war, ‘Jaljala’ features Rekha, Aayush Rijal, Basundhara Bhusal, and Nandu Sribastav in lead roles. The movie is directed by Sivaji Lamichane.

Another release, ‘Adhaya’ directed by the assistant director of ‘Loot‘ Prabin Sangbo also features the actors from the movie. The main characters of the movie are done by Karma Shakya, Sushilraj Pandey, and Simple Khanal.

Prashant Tamang and Rajesh Hamal are going to be featured in ‘Dhadkan Bhitra’, a movie made on a love story. The movie also features Richa Singh Thakuri and Narayan Tripathi and is directed by Shambhu Sapkota.

Another new release ‘Dalal’ is produced and directed by Bijaya Basnet. The movie features actors Raj Timilsina, Sonia KC and Sunil Thapa in main roles.

**Summary in Nepali**

कर्मा शाक्य, सुशिलराज पाण्डे र सिम्पल खनालको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको ‘अध्याय’ लाई प्रविण स्याङ्बोले निर्देशन गरेका हुन । रेखा थापा, आयुष रिजाल, बसुन्धरा भूषाल र नन्दु श्रीवास्तवको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको ‘जलजला’ पनि देशभर रिलिज हुदै छ । राजेश हमाल र प्रशान्त तामाङ, ऋचा सिंह ठकुरी, नारायण त्रिपाठीको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको ‘धड्कन भित्र’ लाई मदन घिमिरेले निर्देशन गरेका हुन । विजय बस्नेतले निर्माण र निर्देशन गरेको ‘दलाल’मा राज तिमल्सीना, सोनिया के.सी, सुनिल थापा आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ ।


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