Mar 122012

It will be the second time so many Nepali movies are being released in a day. Although among five movies only one will be new movie and all others were previously screened in theaters out of Kathmandu.



The movies to be released on Chaitra 3 (March 16, 2012) are:

  • Chapali Height
  • Ma Timro Bhai Sake
  • Rakshyak
  • Sadak
  • Tadap

Chaplai Height is the only new movie and it is going to release all over Nepal on the day.

For viewers, it is a good thing to have a number of choices to watch movies. For producers, it might not be that good for business. But, they know better on when to release movies.

**Summary in Nepali**

नेपाली फिल्म रिलिजको इतिहासमा दोश्रो पटक ५ वोटा फिल्म एकै चोटी रिलिज हुदै छन् । यसरी एकै चोटी रिलिज हुने फिल्महरु निम्न रहेका छन्:

  • चपली हाइट
  • म तिम्रो भैसकेँ
  • रक्षक
  • सडक
  • तडप 

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