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A Nepali film based on the life story of a senior singer and musician Bhaktaraj Acharya is underway at Prasant Rasailee’s direction. Satyaraj Acharya, the eldest son of Bhaktaraj, is playing the hero, Bhaktaraj, of the film.

Because Satyaraj bears similar facial features to his father and knows a lot about his father, he has been chosen a hero for the film, said Nepali-origin Rosan Rai, producer, who is currently living in Sikkim, India, now, adding “The film will showcase a series of struggles in Bhaktaraj’s life in his musical career.”

The film will star around 86 new artists through audition in the capital. Talking about its musical sides, Bhaktaraj’s hit numbers will be rearranged with slight changes. About 60 percent of the film’s shooting will be done in Nepal with the rest in Sikkim, informed Rai.

The movie was announced in November of 2009 and is expected to be released in a couple of months.

Journey of Bhakta Raj Acharya, respected as Bhajan Shiromani, in music is not just a success story; it is equally tragic and heart-rending. The music master, who has lent his power-packed voice to dozens of soulful bhajans and has equally recorded some of the beautiful musical numbers of all time, is certainly of living a legendary life that the entire Nepali music industry and the music aficionados of Nepal are proud of.

Acharya’s life never was a bed of roses. Having struggled hard to get himself an honorable place in Nepali music scene, he came across a tragic incident that changed his life forever. The great loss of the great voice is missed ever since then.

Prashant Rasaily is having his directorial debut in “Acharya.” He has already assisted Bollywood’s promising director Anurag Basu in “Kites” which features Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. Furthermore, he has co-produced and written the screenplay for a beautifully done Nepali movie, “Kagbeni.”

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