May 312016

It seems there is a problem between Anmol KC and the producers of his upcoming movie ‘Gajalu’. Anmol abruptly left London a few days before the premier show of ‘Gajalu’. The poster in the premier show of the movie also featured Anmol KC as one of the guests. But, it was not only Anmol KC but the director Hemraj BC also didn’t show up in the premier.

It is to be noted that Anmol was in the UK for the screening of his movie ‘Dreams’ a few days before the premier show.

Although Anmol has shared poster of the movie in his Facebook page, he is not active in offline activities for the promotion of the movie.

Does that mean, Anmol KC is not happy by the producers or the movie?

The movie directed by Himraj BC, ‘Gajalu’ is produced by Rohit Adhikari. The movie features Anmol KC, Shristi Shrestha, Salon Basnet and Gaurav Pahadi in main roles. The movie is releasing on June 10, 2016.

gajalu london premier show anmol kc didn't go

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