Mar 092012

Anmol KC is handsome son of popular Nepali actor Bhuwan KC and Sushmita KC. Bhuwan and Sushmita have already divorced (twice?) and Anmol lives with his father Bhuwan. 

Anmol has told in interviews that he had wanted to pursue acting as his career. To fulfill his desire to be an actor, Bhuwan had let him act in his latest movie "Sathi Ma Timro"  in a short role. Although the role was of no significance to the story of the movie, he was successful in becoming heart throb of young girls.

For the promotion of Sathi Ma Timro, Anmol was featured in various online and print media. Currently he is studying and Bhuwan is planning to feature his in leading role in his upcoming movie. Bhuwan has also told that the movie will be his debut movie as a director.

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  1. every pics r so kUl n awsome!!bst of luck

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    ………. much my sweetheart

  3. soooooo cooooooooool :-* :-* 😉

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  6. I really like you so …..much ..your the only guy i really loved from nepali movie….your my first and last crush…i search every information about you..i love you Anmol

  7. Lop u very much #jerry

  8. Your’e so cool. You luk so hnsme. I love u sweetheart.:*:*:*

  9. I lob u ,,, anmol kC I want to marry u

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