Feb 222016

In a new report, the 17-years old girl who likes to take off her clothes, Archana Paneru is going to act in a Raju Giri film, ‘Jism’. The movie scheduled to commence the shooting in a month will present Archana in hot role.

Raju Giri is known to present actresses in glamorous in C-grade films. The last movie of Raju Giri, ‘Bindaas 3’ wasn’t much successful.  Video report:

Archana’s mother Sunita Paneru is the photographer of the indecent photos of Archana. The police had also arrested the two and released in the comittment that they wont share such photos in public. Archana is banned from all social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

According to a report in xnepali, Archana is paid, Rs. 400,000 for the movie. Archana has promised to do any types of scenes in the movie. Raju will have to make sure that the Censor Board will allow it to release in theater.

archana paneru hot pose

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