Jul 132014

FIFA World Cup final is going to be held between Argentina and Germany in a couple of hours. You might want to know which team our artists are supporting.

Keki Adhikari is going to her maternal home to enjoy the World Cup. She is planning to stay awake the whole night in celebration of the game. Keki had always been a fan of the team of Argentina.

keki adhikari

Actress Namrata Shrestha is planning to watch the movie in her own restaurant in Durbar Marg. She had supported Spain but after it went out in the initial round she doesn’t have any particular team to support. She didn’t reveal which team she is supporting today, but she will stay awake the whole night to enjoy the game.

namrata shrestha

Actress Malina Joshi had been the supporter of Brazil. As Brazil is not playing the final, she will be supporting Gremany. Malina is working and is busy the whole day so, she might fall asleep before the match and get up during the play. She is also planning to enjoy the match in a restaurant with her friends.

malina joshi

Comedy actor Jitu Nepal is supporting Germany for the country’s support to Nepal’s development. He had also visited the country for stage shows and he has found that Nepali have got opportunity to study and work in the country. Although Jitu has is betting on Germany, it is a small amount and is for fun. Jitu will be watching the game at his home.

Jitu Nepal

Another comedy actor Manoj Gajurel is also watching the game in a restaurant. He is supporting Germany although he believes Argentina will win the game.

manoj gajurel

Actor and director Nischal Basnet thinks Germany will win the game. He is planning to watch the final at Mandala Theater with his friend. His favorite team has already been ousted so he does not care who wins the game.

nischal basnet

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