Jul 122010

baby-thapa3After Kantipur published an ‘advertisement’ of Smita Thapa who told she likes using male for sexual pleasure, another model, Baby Thapa, has published a similar ‘advertisement’ in another daily newspaper. In the article published in Nayapatrika she has told that she has already had 4-5 boyfriends and she is having sexual relation with a Nepali celebrity. Smita in her Saptahik interview had told that she is ‘not a call girl’ but it is not clear in Baby Thapa’s case.

Baby Thapa believes that models should expose their body as much as possible to remain in the modeling business. She says, there is no limit in how much you should show or hide.

It looks like there is an informal competition among the models to show who has maximum number of boyfriends and who can expose more. The newspapers are also happy as these article help better sales.

The full article from Nayapatrika is posted below:

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  6 Responses to “Baby Thapa is also advertising like Smita Thapa”

  1. […] of the ‘minority knowledgeable’ in Kantipur would be very happy to read an article of Baby Thapa who says she had “4-5 boyfriends and is having a sexual relation with a Nepali […]

  2. hello i am a producer and i want to make the music video and i want the mobile and contact number of model baby thapa and smita thapa can you help me.please help me to get the contact number.

    • Kathmandu, Bishal Nagar chandol ma Gayera Baby/Smita Thapa bhalu kaha bascha bhanera sodhe pachi jasle pani bataye dincha, If u ask Male, Ghar samma puryaye dincha. :))

    • Music Na hali video banaye pani huncha. I mean Blue Film.
      They are ready…..:D
      All the best..

  3. hi smita me new delhi bata ho new delhi ghumna auna plz ma sanga sathi bana 29 m here

  4. tell me if you need some help

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