Nov 252011

In a brief interview with the journalist of Saptahik, Baby Thapa had talked openly about her personal preferences. Here is the summary of the talk:

hot photo

In a question, ‘Why anybody is loved’ Baby replied, ‘To share internal feelings and be together for life.’

Baby thought males of age  24 to 30 years old are the sexiest people. She however didn’t choose the sexiest Nepali person in that range (except her own lover). The sexiest male she thought were , Gagan Thapa, and her lover.

In a question about her worst habit Baby told that smoking is her worst habit.

In her thoughts, the secret of Baby Thapa being popular is the “creative photo shots” she has done.

As for sex she prefers it for extreme enjoyment and also for child bearing. It looks like she is seriously considering getting married and be a mother.

In the last question she was asked, “What do you prefer sex or kiss?” and Baby’s short answer was, “Obviously sex.”

In a previous interview, Baby had told that she believed she will be hit by exposing as much as she can. (click on the following image to read our previous post on Baby Thapa)


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