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Baby Thapa who also tried to create a sensation, by telling she had numerous boyfriends and is having an affair with a celebrity but failed, was told to be kicked out of an upcoming movie named ‘I am sorry’. The producer Hari Mahat told that the actress was irresponsible of her schedule and hence is replaced by Nita Dhungana. The movie is currently being shot in Pokhara with Aryan Sigdel and Keki Adhikari in the leading role.


i-am-sorry----keki-adhikariAs the news about the replacement came out Baby Thapa responded in defense. Baby claimed that it wasn’t the producer who removed her, she herself left the movie willingly.

Four reasons Baby Thapa gave for her leaving the movie:

1. She was initially offered equal amount of parts as that of Keki Adhikari. But, later her role was reduced to a mer 15% and Keki’s role was increased to 85%. (How can that happen? Don’t they read story and scripts before agreement? And, how can one actor’s role reduced from 50% to 15%?)

baby_thapa_2090651726 2. It was agreed that dress will be provided by the producers but later they ask Baby to bring her own dress. (I don’t know how that works in Nepali movies. But, a good producer should have their own dress to suit the story.)

3. The producer told that the all the movie will be shot in Kathmandu only but later most of the movie was being shot in Pokhara. (I thought it would be cheaper to shot the movie in Kathmandu.)

4. The producer had demanded a million rupees from a man named Martin, to make him the lead actor in the movie. But, when Martin refused to pay the money, Baby’s role was reduced. (That is shocking… If Baby had made it up, she should be writing movies instead of acting.)

I don’t know who to believe. But, the recent interview of Baby Thapa suggest that she likes being in news and it might be another such opportunity for her. Baby unsuccessfully tried to create the impact another model Smita Thapa’s created when Smita’s interview was published in Kantipur last month. News in Nepali follows:

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