Nov 252010

Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ film, featuring Yash Kumar, Babu Bogati and Rekha Thapa, Bato Muni Ko Phool, is releasing all over Nepal on on November 26, 2010.


The movie was premiered on Nov. 24 in Jaya Nepal Cinema Hall. The movie deals with the minority dalits and the social injustice they are facing in Nepal.


The movie was previously told to release in Italy on the same day, it is however not clear if Italy release still holds true or not. (premier photo credit – merocinema, poster credit – Suraj Subba)

चलचित्र ‘बाटो मुनिको फूल’को बुधबार राजधानीको जयनेपाल चित्रघरमा प्रीमियर गरियो । निर्देशक सुरज सुब्बा ‘नाल्बो’ सो फिल्म शुक्रवारदेखि देशब्यापी रुपमा रिलिज हुन लागेको हो |

दलित मुद्दा र छुवाछुतको कथामा आधारित यो चलचित्रमा यशकुमार, रेखा थापा, बाबु बोगटी, नन्दिता केसी, हेमन्त बुढाथोकी, शुभद्रा अधिकारी, गणेश उप्रेती को मुख्य रोल छ । यस फिल्ममा मुख्य रोलका साथै कथा, संगीत, र गीत को काम पनि संगीतकर्मी यशकुमार ले नै गरेका छन्  ।


  11 Responses to “Bato Muni ko Phool releasing on Nov 26”

  1. very very nice movie..i jst luv dis movie

  2. daami film….nepali film haru ma sabai vanda alag n best

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!really nice movi it’s one of my best movie…and yash and rekha are my favt actor n yash is my favt singer <3 it

  4. Best nepali Movie EVER

  5. wow!!!!!! it’s a wonderful movie i love it.i saw thrice dis movie den also i didn’t get bored.keep it yash dai in coming days hope 2 see u dis type of movie again .& also i like ur eachb & every songs sang by u. ALL THE BEST!!!Pushkar tamrakar Mumbai

  6. Is a good one.didnt get bored at ol.esp d song “maile 6ueko pani chaldaina”touched ma heart.if kollywood comes up with more such beautiful movies, wont bother with bloody bollywoods.want 2 c nepal as independent country.

  7. hy i love this
    movies lovely

  8. yash bro ur the best actor & singer i have ever seen. it is my second nepali and it is my best film ever i watched in my life and ever it will be. i loved every songs in this film . the acting of every people in this film is very perfect.

  9. and yash bro ur smile very nic keep it up

  10. overall good movie, but i hate rakha’s over acting, well done kollywood try to make good movies more n more, & expand market also, but i hate nepali society bcz still they fight with(bcz they don’t respect each other) try to focuse peace process, develop in every sector, bye all the best i’m proud to be a Nepali

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