Oct 262011

Nepali actor Bhuwan KC is going to organize the marriage ceremony of his daughter Kajol KC to an American guy of Nepali origin in the second week of Mangsir (end of November). The engagement was done in the US earlier and the marriage ceremony is going to be held in Bhuwan’s home in Kathmandu.


Kajol is the daughter from Bhuwan’s first wife Bijaya KC. Bhuwan had divorced Bijaya KC before marrying with his second wife Sushmita KC. Now, he has also divorced Sushmita and is living alone with his son with Sushmita, Anmol KC.

Bhuwan’s recent affair with Sharmila Dangol turned sour when Sharmila’s husband beat Bhuwan in the public place. Not much is heard about the affair after the incident.

NOTE: The girl in the photo (with Bhuwan and Anmol) above is told not to be of Kajol but somebody else.

Bhuwan KC is known to promote scandals to remain in limelight. Numerous affairs with various women has also created an image of Bhuwan as a playboy.

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  3 Responses to “Bhuwan KC daughter Kajol marrying in Nov 2011”

  1. the girl in the picture in not kajol. I know kajol very well. This website is giving a fake information.

  2. and again the boy is not nepali, he is of pakisthani origin indian.

    • hey u sasa i dont know about the girl and about the boy is he is nepali ok if u dont belive me the go and type in youtube nepali songs of bhuwan kc.. he is not from pakistan ok!

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