Sep 202011

bhuwankc One of the most controversial actors in Nepali cinema, Bhuwan KC, always wants to remain in news. When the scandal of his latest love affair start to subside, he has thought of another issue to remain in the media.


This time he has claimed that he had never married his last wife, with whom he has a son, Anmol KC. Anamol is making his debut in their home production movie Saathi Ma Timro.

In an interview for the program Cine Yatri in Citizen FM, Bhuwan KC told that he didn’t marry Sushmita and they were only living together all those years. Although they had lived together and gave birth to the son Anamol, he told that they didn’t formally marry – neither in traditional way (in temple) nor in court.

Although Bhuwan told that he is the only actor in Nepali movie industry who speaks truth, he is known for conflicting and controversial comments from time to time. He added that he is the most handsome and hit actor in Nepali movies.


***Summary In Nepali***

हालै सिटिजन एफएमको कार्यक्रम सिने यात्रीमा बोल्दै नायक भुवन केसीले उनकी भुतपुर्ब श्रीमती सुस्मिता केसीसँग बिबाह नै नगरेको बताएका छन् | यी दम्पतिको छोरा अनमोल केसीको डेब्यु फिल्म रिलिज हुने बेलामा यस्तो बिबादास्पद कुरा गरेर यसलाई आफ्नो फिल्मको प्रचारको हत्कण्डा बनाउन प्रयास गरेको भुबन केसीलाइ नजिकबाट चिन्ने मानिसहरुको अनुमान छ |

भुबन को अनुसार सुस्मितासंग को सहबास बिबाह नभइ लिभिङ टुगेदर मात्र थियो रे|


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  2 Responses to “Bhuwan KC says he didn’t marry Sushmita”

  1. Aru kei na vaye pani Bhuwan KC ko choro chai ramro rahecha.. Acting ta ustai bakwash na gare chalthiyo hola pani….

  2. looks like chaaaakaa hahahhha

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