Nov 252011

It seems, Binita Baral is not happy by the publication of a photo taken to be featured in a poster of ‘Chapali Heights‘ movie got published in a magazine cover. She also didn’t like the way she is told not to be wearing anything.

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Binita told that she is wearing black undergarments (not visible though)

The producer and director of “Chapali Height” have told that censor board might not be happy by the content of the movie. It is supposed to feature sex scenes liberally. The cover photo indicates what to expect in the movie.

Binita is organizing a press meet in Kathmandu to explain her version of the story.

We will update when we get the details of what Binita has to say.
There is nothing much she said in the press meet. All she said was that she had a piece of cloth to cover her breast (who cares?). And the photo were only meant for poster (well, well … magazine covers are also like posters – only smaller).

It was only a publicity stunt. So, we don’t feel the need to elaborate.

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