Sep 132011


Dipendra K. Khanal’s upcoming movie Chapali Heights is targeted to adult audience and is told to feature a lot of kisses and some sex scenes.

Binita Baral is one of the leading actress in the movie who debuts in Nepali movie industry with actor duo Amir Gautam and Raj Ghimire. In an interview with Nagarik, the producer of the movie, Arjun Kumar said:

यो एडल्ट फिल्म होइन, तर सर्टिफिकेट एडल्ट नै पाउनसक्छ, संवाद पनि सेन्सर बोर्डलाई नपच्न सक्छ 

Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_01 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_02 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_03 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_04 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_05 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_06 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_07 Chapali_Height_Binita_Baral_08

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  4 Responses to “Binita Baral in Chapali Heights”

  1. yasto kti ta heroine hey bhagwan…

  2. Haram sexy raixau ta darlng tmi ta

  3. yasto sin paisa kamaun ko lagi matra ta hola ijjat kamaun ko lagi ta hain hola,je hos nepali thita-thiti haru le sikne bhay kapada kholna r rape garna,at last nepali film being modern n strong in economic side.

  4. nice pics

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