Mar 192012

Binita Baral’s mother accompanied Binita to watch her daughter’s debut movie ‘Chapali Height’ in Jai Nepal Cinema Hall on Friday. Although, the movie is criticized for having nothing but sex, her mother told that she was happy by her daughter’s role in the movie.



Binita Baral also claimed that she had obtained permission from her parents before doing the bed scene for the movie. It was only after the release of her nude photo as magazine cover, the parents were upset. But, latere the things got sorted out. Film critics take that incident as one of the important marketing stunt responsible for the success of the movie in it’s initial days.

Binita is currently busy promoting the movie. It’s producer Arjun Kumar has claimed that the movie managed to gross the biggest first day collection in Nepali movie history. He told, the film collected Rs 21 lakh in the first day of its release.

**Summary in Nepali**

चपली गर्ल भनेर चिनिने बिनिता बरालले आफ्नी आमासंगै बसेर सो फिल्म हेरेको बताएकी छिन | जयनेपाल सिनेमा घरमा शुक्रबार फिल्म हेरेपछि आमा आफ्नो "फ्यान भएको" बताउने विनिताले फिल्मको बेडसिन गरको सहमती अनुसारनै गरेको बताएकी छिन |

फिल्म निर्माता अर्जुन कुमारका अनुसार रिलिजको पहिलो दिन नै २१लाख कमाउनु नेपाली फिल्म इतिहासमा नै रेकर्ड हो | तर फिल्म क्रिटिकहरु भने फिल्ममा सेक्सलाइ जबर्जस्ती लाद्नुको बाहेक हेर्न लाएक केही नभएको बताउछन |

  3 Responses to “Binita Baral took her mother to see ‘Chapali Height’”

  1. Aba ta nepal ma direct porn movie haru hall ma lagna matra baki cha…but yo film gf sanga herda maja chahi aayo…

  2. मलाॅई मन परो

  3. Binita baral is my favourite actress of Nepal. when i saw her’s first movie then i became fan’ she is so cute, & modern’ i respect to her , body show is nothing its normal in cinema, such types of bold scene is essential for today’s era”
    Don’t listen fuss matters,
    Don’t give up!
    Go ahead with full self_

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