Apr 112011

biraj-bhatt The action hero, Biraj Bhatt, has overtaken the superstar, Rajesh Hamal, in being the most paid actor in Nepali movies. After being busy in Bhojpuri movies, Biraj announced that he will only do selected Nepali movies, not exceeding two in a year. That was 6 months back and at that time he also increased the amount he used to receive for working in a movie from Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 600,000.

Recently Biraj signed an agreement with the producers of an upcoming movie, Griha Yuddha, for a record sum of Rs. 800,000.  Shooting of the movie, directed by Uddav Abhidit, is going to start soon.

Biraj says that he doesn’t have free time from acting in Bhojpuri movies. On to of that as a dozen of his movies are ready for screening, he wanted to see the results from them before starting more Nepali movies. In Bhojpuri movies, Biraj is reported to receive a maximum of of about IRs. 1 million (about 1.6 million Nepali currency) for a movie.

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  8 Responses to “Biraj Bhatt is the new most expensive actor in Nepali cinema”

  1. helllo biraj jee i love your movie …………..

  2. hello biraj g your acting is best.your movie are like me

  3. he is good actor

  4. I love u n ur bhojpuri n nepali film

  5. hi biraj you are my best actor.I love your body,dance,fight and getup .khalnayak,dadagiri,dhum,jeevandata etc .dance and fight very nice.

  6. Good news for nepali actor– congrate Biraj From Bangladesh

  7. Congrate Biraj— some of Your Action Muvies on You Tube. Good action. again congrate from Bangladesh

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