Mar 252016
Barsha Raut talks 'Nai Nabhanu La 4' (interview of model and actress)

Highlights of this interview: Barsha explains the reason she has become so famous in a short time. Barsha has already done 100 music videos and a movie titled ‘Nai Nabhanu La 4’. Barsha talks about her role in her movie ‘Nai Nabhanu La 4’. Barsha also talks about how she got another movie ‘Chhakka Panja’. […]

Mar 022016
Neeta Dhungana and her lover Aamesh Bhandari, interview

Highlights of this interview: This interview is about their upcoming movie ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’. In this interview they show their love to each other. They even kiss eath other and show to the audiences how much they love each other. Aamesh talks about how they meet in childhood and play. Aamesh talks about the […]

Feb 252016
Karishma Manandhar (Interview about Fagu)

This interview was shown in aTV. Highlights of this interview: Karisma says why she had released her movie ‘Fagu’ before Fagu Purnima. Karishma talks about every color has their own definition. Karishma says the movie ‘Fagu’ is about a girl named Fagu and the story about her. In ‘Fagu’ movie they celebrate fagu festival with […]

Dec 202015
Karishma Manandhar and Shilpa Pokharel talk about new movie Falgu

Interview of Karishma Manandhar: Karishma request everybody to go and watch the movie ‘Phalgu’. She has claimed that the director Samjhana, her husband Binod and herself have tried their best to make a good film. Karishma says that all the artists in the movie were selected by audition. Director Samjhana also talks about her second […]

Dec 082015
Aryan's wife Sapana Sigdel turns 26 (photo feature)

The wife of the popular actor Aryan Sigdel, Sapana Bhandari, has turned 26 years old. Aryan married Sapana last year after a long love affair. The marriage a week before the release of Aryan’s home production movie ‘November Rain’ was considered a risky move. There was a possibility of alienating his female fans. He got […]

Nov 222015
Hot Jyoti Magar music video

A very hot music video by singer and model Jyoti Magar has been released in YouTube. The video featuring the hot avatar of Jyoti Magar is about guys following the girls in the street. The song titled ‘Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi Parchhan …’ is recorded on the voices of Jyoti Magar and Tanka Timilsina’s […]

Aug 102014
Shree Krishna Shrestha didn't return alive from honeymoon

The honeymoon tour of actor Shree Krishna Shrestha and actress Sweta Khadka proved to be tragic one. Sweta had to return back alone when the actor couldn’t make it back alive. Soon after the marriage, Shree and Sweta had gone to India for honeymoon. But, it later turned out that Shree was in fact admitted […]

Jul 132014
Artists plan for the World Cup football final

FIFA World Cup final is going to be held between Argentina and Germany in a couple of hours. You might want to know which team our artists are supporting. Keki Adhikari is going to her maternal home to enjoy the World Cup. She is planning to stay awake the whole night in celebration of the […]