May 262017
आर्यन पुगेनन शुभ मुहुर्तमा - रेखाको रुद्रप्रियाको शुटिंग शुरु - Rudrapriya starts Rekha and Aryan

Highlights of this video: Aryan Sigdel didn’t reach the inauguration of the movie he is doing with Rekha Thapa after years of rivalry. Rudrapriya marks the return of the on-screen jodi Aryan and Rekha. Aryna debuted as an actor in Rekha’s film.

May 252017
३३ बर्ष दोस्ती, बुढेसकालमा बिहे, मिथिला शर्माको प्रेम कथा mithila sharma love story

Highlights of this video: Mithila Sharma and Motilal Bohora got married in 2014. At that time, Mithila was 51 years old and Motilal Bohora was 68 years old. They knew each others for about 33 years. They were good friends. Affair – may be. But, Motilal Bohora was married at that time. So, Mithila decided […]

May 212017
निखिल र कोपिला को चोर पुलिस खेल सार्वजनिक कार्यक्रममा - nikhl upreti kopila problem

Highlights of this video: When Nikhil Upreti’s first wife, Kopila Upreti showed up unannounced during the announcement of Nikhil’s next movie Commitment 60 hours, he was really shocked. While Kopila wanted have a talk with him, Nikhil wasn’t in the mood to meet her. He asked his assistants to shoo her away. Kopila wasn’t event […]

May 172017
स्टारडम जोगाउन तालमेल - रेखाको फिल्ममा आर्यन कसरी ? Aryan Sigdel in Rekha film Rudra Priya

Highlights of this video: It seems like a political coalition during the election – the coalition between Rekha Thapa and Aryan Sigdel is an attempt to save the dwindling stardom of Rekha Thapa. Aryan is one of the top actors of the film industry — In the other hand Rekha Films is known to introduce […]

May 152017
करिश्माको घरायसी झगडा फेसबुकमा, पतिलाइ किन तानाशाही भनिन? Karishma Manandhar anger

Highlights of this video: Karishma Manandhar has shared a Facebook status about her dissatisfaction with her husband Binod Manandhar. Karishma was angry because she couldn’t vote in the local election this year. That was because, her name is in the voter’s list of Rajbiraj not Kathmandu where she lives permanently. She told that although Binod […]

May 112017
अदिती कृ बाट आउट ? अनमोललाइ बडिगार्डले घेरेर गुपचुप शुटिङ| Aditi at Justin Bieber concert

Highlights of this video: While Aditi Budhathoki was at Justin Bieber concert in Mumbai on May 10, the movie she was supposed to be, ‘Kri’ was being shot in it’s 3rd week in Nepal. The shooting is done in such a way that no photos of the shooting is being released. Anmol KC is being […]

May 092017
सौगात पुगे सृष्टिको किचेनमा - अफेयरमा नयाँ आयाम - Saugat Shristi affair

Highlights of this video: As Evana Manandhar, Miss Nepal 2015, is getting married, another Miss Nepali is in the process of getting much serious about her relationship with actor Saugat Malla. Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi and Saugat have been seeing each other for some time. In an interview Shristi had also told that this year’s […]

May 042017
दर्दनाक जीवनमा आशाको किरण - निखिललाइ डेब्यु गराउने पवन मैनालीले गरे बिहे - Pawan Mainali marries

Highlights of this video: Well known villain of the Nepali film industry, Pawan Mainali had been going through a hard time for a while. Now, he has got married and is wishing to live a better life. Producer of ‘Pinjada’ the debut movie of Nikhil Upreti. Actor of 100s of Nepali films. Writer, actor and […]

May 022017
गरिमा पन्तको ७ लाख, गरीव र जेहन्दार विद्यार्थीलाइ - रेखाले झुर भनेकी, तर सार्क देशहरूकै उत्कृष्ट

Highlights of this video: National Film Award 2014 winner, ‘Jhola’ actress Garima Panta has left the country and the film industry to live with her husband in Belgium. In her visit to Nepal, she has donated Rs. 700,000 to two schools in her birth place. The fund will be used for the scholarships to poor […]