Jun 292017
अनमोलको रुद्र रुप, अदितीको जन्मदिनमा सार्वजनिक, Anmol KC, Kri, Aditi Budhathoki birthday

Highlights of this video: Anmol KC is featured in a new look in his upcoming movie Kri. The first look poster of the movie was released on the birthday of its actress Aditi Budhathoki. Incoming search terms:hindi actress nepal prigin

Jun 282017
सुष्मिताको गाली भुवनलाइ, ATM सुगर ड्याडि, डिंगो बा भन्दै - ATM Sugar Daddy Bhuwan KC

Highlights of this video: Actress and ex-wife of Bhuwan KC, Sushmita KC, has called Bhuwan ATM Sugar Daddy. Bhuwn KC is in a live-in relationship with one of the ATM actresses, Jiya KC. It is a clear indication that she is not happy by Bhuwan’s relationship with Jiya. Sushmita is the mother of Anmol KC […]

Jun 262017
निशाको बिहेको कार्ड क्रिकेटमय - Nisha Adhikari to marry Sharad veshwakar

Highlights of this video: Nisha Adhikari is marrying Sharad VEshwakar on June 30, 2017. The invitation card of the marriage has already been sent to the invitees. The attractive design of the card doesn’t include film industry but features cricket game – bat, ball and the stump.

Jun 192017
प्रियंका र आयुष्मानको माया देखियो - Priyanka Karki kisses her boyfriend (NFDC Award)

Highlights of this video: After winning the Best Debut Actor award, Ayushman told “Thanks to my parents, brother, my girlfriend, my girlfriend’s mother.” Ayushman was awarded for his role in ‘Chapali Height 2’ Priyanka Karki was awarded the best actress award for her role in ‘Chhakka Panja’.

Jun 172017
सृष्टि श्रेष्ठ भेटिइन बिन्दास अवतारमा - Shristi Shrestha bindaas avatar

Highlights of this video: The hot avatar of Shristi Shrestha was being shot in her upcoming movie ‘Lahure’ by director Nigam Shrestha. Miss Nepal 2012 and actress Shista Shrestha in Sunil Rawal’s movie -Lahure. Incoming search terms:Gajalu

Jun 152017
झरना थापा पनि पलायन ग्रिन कार्ड लिएर अमेरिका - Jharana Thapa USA green card

Highlights of this video: The well known actress of the Nepali film industry, Jharana Thapa, has become one more Nepali film artist to leave Nepal. She has reportedly obtained the Green Card and has permanently moved to the USA. Although Jharana Thapa and her family is yet to confirm the report, the online version of […]

Jun 142017
खुशीको खवर, बिराज भट्ट - हर्के राजा बन्दै - Biraj Bhatt to be Harke Raja

Highlights of this video: Action star Biraj Bhatta is coming back to Nepali cinema in a new movie “Harke Raja” In a program held in Kathmandu, Biraj told that he has returned back to Nepali film industry after working in Jaya Parshuram. Although there are die-hard fans of Biraj, the movie ‘Jaya Parshuram’ wasn’t as […]

Jun 122017
राजेश हमाल र मधु संगै देखिंदै - Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai to be seen together

Highlights of this video: It has been more than a decade the superstar of Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal and model Madhu Bhattarai had met. They had a long love affair and got married in 2014. But, for the first time they are going to be featured together in an ad. Also features the photos […]

Jun 092017
प्रियंकाले ब्याइफ्रेण्ड उडाए पछि परमिता अरु बढी सक्रिय - Thanks priyanka karki 4 Paramita

It was Priyanka Karki who stole Pramita RL Rana’s boyfriend … or, may be it was Ayushman Desraj who left Paramita and embraced Priyanka … or, whatever might be the case – it seems to be doing good to make Paramita much more creative and active in singing, modelling and writing. Incoming search terms:priyanka karki […]

Jun 082017
निखिलले सञ्चितासंग होइन सालीसंग रोमान्स गर्ने, कमिट्मेन्ट ६० आवर्समा, Shiwani Luitel

Sanchita’s younger sister is debuting as an actress in her husband Nikhil Upreti’s upcoming movie ‘Commitment 60 hours’ Incoming search terms:siwani luitelNepali naya filim Nikhil upredinepali nikhil upreti new movis comsanchita luitel sister