Dec 292016
Dalli Dance, Dubai-Chhulthim, NEFTA

Highlights of this video: Nepali actress, Chhulthim Gurung, popularly known as ‘Dalli’ after the role she did in ‘November Rain’, preformed an item number in the NEFTA stage at Dubai, UAE. The song she danced in was from her upcoming movie ‘Diarry’. Chhulthim is debuting as a producer in the movie. Chhulthim is also an […]

Dec 242016
Rajesh Hamal dance in NEFTA 2016 Dubai

Highlights of this video: Rajesh Hamal dances with Miss Nepal 2011 and actress Malina Joshi at NEFTA 2016 in Dubai. In the award ceremony held on December 23, 2016 a lot of Nepali film artists had participated in the ceremony. A lot of well known artists had danced on stage. On of them was Rajesh […]

Jun 132016
Karishma Manandhar Mistakes in Naya Shakti Nepal party announcement

Highlights of this video: The blunders of Karishma Manandhar during the announcement of Naya Shakti Nepal party announced on Sunday June 12, 2016. The mistakes show that she hadn’t prepared well before the event. video credit Naya Shakti Nepal. Baburam Bhattarai announced the party in a huge program in which the Prime Minister and most […]

Feb 292016
'How Funny' Trailer Launch - Malvika Subba, Keki Adhikari and Priyanka Karki

Highlights of this video: Malvika talks about movie ‘How Funny’. Priyanka talks about what ‘How Funny’ is and her character in the movie. Keki talks about the character Puspa she played in this movie. Priyanka’s name in this movie is Ramita. Keki says Puspa and Ramita are best friends and they had lot of fun […]

Feb 192016
Anmol KC and Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah talk about Dreams movie

Highlights of this video: This is a press conference of the new movie ‘Dreams’. In this movie, the lead actor is Anmol KC and the lead actress is Samragyee Laxmi Shah. Anmol KC talks about his friends’ thinking about Nepali movies. Anmol says that he has done his best to save the film industry. Anmol […]