Oct 262015
Talk with Ashishma Nakarmi in Chha Prashna

This program was shown in news24. Highlights of this program: Ashishma talks about the festivals she likes the most. Holi is her best festival. She explains why she likes Dashain. Ashishma says how ans why sang a song in the movie ‘Adhkati’. Ashishma didn’t say the details of her role in her upcoming movie ‘Batomuni […]

Jul 112014
Exposure and interviews, Binita Baral, Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari

“What does the story demand?” was a topic of discussion started by Anuj Thapa to Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari. The actresses talked a lot against sex related questions journalists ask to the actresses and forced exposure in the movies. To give an example of how journalists ask questions to actresses please watch a short […]

Jun 302014
Interview of MaHa jodi in Naya Bahas

This interview of Maha Jodi (Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha) was shown in Himalaya Television. The program titled ‘Naya Bahas’ is featured every Wednesday at 09:30 pm. Highlights of the interview: What type of artists are MaHa ? Haribansha talks about his book ‘China Harayako Manchhe’. He tells about failing of SLC for […]

Jun 272014
Garima Pant honored by NFAA and the President

The winners of SAARC Film Festival Awards actress Garima Pant and director Joes Pandey were honored in a program held at Nepal Film Artists Association. Garima had won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie ‘Jhola’. Joes Pandey had won the Jury Award for the Best Director and a Silver Medal for […]

Sep 062012
Sabina Karki loves looking at her body

Actress Sabina Karki debuted in Nepali movie sector in the Nepali movie ‘Dulahi Rani’. After that she acted in movies ‘ATM’ and ‘The Famous’. Vulgar dialogues of ‘ATM’ dragged her in controversy and she has made an image of sexy actress in Nepali movie industry. In an interview with an online magazine, Sabina talked about […]

Aug 192012
Sex before marriage is 'healthy' - Binita Baral

The actress commonly known Chapali Girl, Binita Baral prefers to call herself Beenita, a seven letter name her astrologer thought to be luckier than the 6-letter original name. This interview is the compilation of answers Beenita has given to some of the selected question she was asked. Q. When did the desire to be a […]

Jan 272012
Sex talk with Priyanka Karki

Priyanka Karki, the model of the 2004/05 is now an actress. She recently had a bold talk with Jayan for Nagarik’s Shukrabar in which she talked openly about her sexual preferences and life.  In the interview, Priyanka told that she gives a great importance in sex and says that the sexual relationship before marriage shouldn’t […]

Dec 062011
Etna Karki - Watches blue film to be fresh

Model and a entrepreneur Etna Karki is one more broad-minded model who can speak her feelings freely like Smita Thapa, Sonia KC, or Baby Thapa. In an interview with a weekly Shukrabar, Etna told about her personal preferences. She has openly told about her preference of sex (not commonly admitted by Nepali girls). Following is […]