Nov 072012
Ragini Khadgi does an item dance in 'Nothing Impossible'

Actress Ragini Khadgi is shooting a item dance in her upcoming movie ‘Nothing Impossible’. In the home production movie, Ragini is involved in more than acting, as an assistant director to her father Rajendra Khadgi. Ragini Khadgi dances while her father, Rajendra Khadgi (with photo camera), takes picture Incoming search terms:rajendra khadgi daughterhot pic ragini […]

Aug 142012
Sushma Karki's Bindas - not for kids

The movie featuring hot scenes of actress Sushma Karki got an adult certificate and is not considered suitable for the kids below 16 years old. The poster and the photos, shot of the movie, have been removed from the post because they are not suitable here. Incoming search terms:www susma karki secxvideo compriyanka karki fucking […]

Jul 252012
Munamadan director Gyanendra tried to kill himself

Gyanendra Deuja, one of the best known directors of Nepali movie industry had tried to kill himself by adding poison to an energy drink. The director however saved. Gyanendra was in a lot of tension when he lost his house in casino.  Gyanendra’s movie ‘Muna Madan’ is currently being shown in theaters in Kathamndu. The […]

Oct 192011
RIP Deepak Rayamajhi

One of the senior directors of Nepali movie industry, Deepak Rayamajhi, has died today (or, yesterday as it was already 12:30 AM, October 18, 2011)  due to heart failure. Deepak started his directing journey in 2045BS by directing the movie “Bhagya Rekha“. He was one of the few personalities in Nepali movie industry with an […]

Aug 112011
No smoking in Nepali movies - movies on Laxmi Prasad Devkota can't be made?

The Nepal Government’s ban on smoking in public places has come in effect last week. The government stepped one more step ahead in anti-smoking campaign by banning smoking scenes in movies. If such a law is implemented movies on the chain-smoker poet, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, can’t be made. Banning smoking in public places does make […]

Jun 012011
Namrata Shrestha declined to do Krisha's movie

The producer Krisha Chaulagain got into another trouble when Namrata Shrestha rejected the offer to play in her upcoming movie ‘Ke ma timro saathi banna sakchhu. The role was previously offered to a new entry, Binita Baral. Binita had done a formal agreement to play the role but, the producer had dishonored the agreement on […]

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May 092011
Talk in the town - Kiss between Nita Dhungana and Mukesh Dhakal

Talks about the kiss between Neeta Dhungana and Mukesh Dhakal has caused some raised eyebrows in the Nepali movie industry. Although the artist refuse to accept, the deep kiss scene from the Rishi Lamichane’s movie ‘Hamro Maya Juni Junilai’ is suspected to be one of the marketing strategy to promote the movie. Although kiss scenes […]

Mar 192011
Holi Celebration -at Karishma Manandhar house

Karishma Manandhar organized an event for the Holi in her home on March 19, 2011. In the event, almost all the film related personalities were present and the event was very fun filled and interesting. Here are some of the photos and a video from the event (credits dcnepal):