Mar 202017
साम्राज्ञीलाइ किन फकाउन सकेनन, दिपक दिपाले? फेरि छक्का पन्जा | Samragyee RL Shah

Highlights of this video: Why Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula couldn’t convince Samragyee RL Shah to work in their upcoming movie ‘Chhakka Panja Feri’ ?? What is the secret behind the number 6 in Deepak and Deepa films. What is common in th.e release dates of all Deepak and Deepa films.

Feb 132017
केकी र नाजिर को प्रेम राज्जा रानीमा गुलाफको फुल देखि बेलुन सम्म - Keki Adhikari Najir Hussain love

Highlights of this video: Keki Adhikari and Najir Hussain showed their love to each other on the announcement ceremony of Rajja Rani. Keki is being featured as a Madheshi girl. Keki and Najir are in love and get married in the movie.

Feb 082017
पुजा र पाउलको 'म यस्तो गीत गाँउछु' शुटिङ् शुरु (2 Prem Geet sequels on floor)

Highlights of this video: The shooting of Prem Geet sequel “Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu” shooting has started in Kathmandu. Another sequel of the same movie by another team is being shot in various locations in Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. After the completion of the shooting in Nepal and Thailand the ‘Prem Geet 2’ team has […]

Feb 012017
सावधान रेखाको बिहे भनेर तपाइ पनि झुक्किनु भो ? Rekha Thapa fake marriage

Highlights of this video: Fake news are going on like wild fire. Some are totally fake like Rekha Thapa’s death. Other are partially fake like this one – Rekha Thapa’s marriage. They save their face by telling that the news is fake at the end.

Jan 302017
प्रियंकाको हिउँ माथी अंग प्रदर्शन - बेहोस हुने कारण यहि हो त ? Priyanka Karki shooting of Radhe

Highlights of this video: Priyanka Karki shows off her body during the shooting of a song of her upcoming movie ‘Radhe’. The movie featuring Nikhil Upreti in Priyanka’s opposite shows Priyanka wearing skimpy clothing. She fainted during the shooting. It was a coincidence that while she fainted, her ex-husband Rochak Mainali had engagement ceremony going […]

Jan 132017
Love Sasha movie review by Priyanka Karki, Nisha Adhikari, Nischal Basent, Dipendra Khanal

Highlights of this video: Review of Love Sasha by actresses like Priyanka Karki and Nisha Adhikari. Well known directors – Nischal Basnet and Dipendra K Khanal also gave their review. The movie features Keki Adhikari with Karma Shakya in leading role, Prachanda Man Shakya is the director of the movie.

Dec 222016
प्रेम गित टोलीको दुर्घटना, प्रदिप खड्का सकुसल, निर्माता निर्देशक घाइते । Prem Geet 2 accident

Highlights of this video: Prem Geet 2 team met with an accident on their way to Pokhara for the shooting. The SUV driven by the producer carrying the lead actor Pradeep Khadka, director Ramsharan Pathak and another artist met with a collision with a truck. Santosh Sen and Ramsharan Pathak escaped with minor injury. Others […]

Dec 202016
Why was Chhaka Panja celebration delayed?

Highlights of this video: The super-hit movie of the year, ‘Chhaka Panja’ team has delayed the pre-planned celebration of the movie’s 100 days in theatre. That was because of the untimely demise of one of the actors of the movie RP Bhattarai. Why was Chhaka Panja celebration delayed? The movie corssed 100 days in Big […]