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This Friday, two new movies are releasing in theaters in Nepal. Nigam Shrestha’s ‘Chadke’ and Depak Shrestha’s ‘Bhulnai Sakina’. These two movies are targeted to two different class of audiences – one for the city dweller youths and other for the conventional movie goers. Deepak is known for directing movies with masala contents while its is the debut movie of Nigam.


chadke poster1

‘Chadke’ features ‘Loot‘s assistant director as it’s director and actors like Saugat Malla, Arpan Thapa, Dahyahang Rai repeating from the same movie. Main attraction of the movie is Namrata Shrestha in a completely new looks and character and singer Robin Tamang in one of the leading character. The movie is made on the story of gang culture and gang fight. The movie made by a joint venture of Princess Movies and Rash Tandav, is one of the highly expected movies of the current time.

‘Bhulnai Sakina’ features actor Biraj Bhatt and actress Jenisha KC in lead roles. The movie is being released in theaters in Kathmandu only.

**Summary in Nepali **

युवा बर्गलाई लक्षित गरेर बनाइएको ‘छड्के’ मा ग्याङ फाइटको बिषयलाई लिएर बनाएको फिल्म हो  । सौगात मल्लको, दयाह्याङ राई, अर्पण थापा, नम्रता श्रेष्ठ, रविन तामाङ आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको यस फिल्मलाई निगम श्रेष्ठले निर्देशन गरेका हुन ।

काठमाडौमा रिलिज हुने अर्को सिनेमा ‘भुल्नै सकिन’ लाई दिपक श्रेष्ठले निर्देशन गरेका हुन । मसला बिषयबस्तुमा आधारित यस फिल्ममा विराज भट्ट र जेनिशा केसीको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ ।

biraj and jenisha kc

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