Mar 162012

Although there was a rumor of the release of 5 movies, only three movies are released on Friday 16, 2012. "Chapali Height" was released in theaters all over Nepal and other two, ‘Sadak’ and ‘Rakshyak’ were released in theaters in Kathmandu. The release of ‘Tadap’ and ‘Ma Timro Bhaisake’ were postponed on the last hours.



Among today’s release, ‘Chapali Height’ is the only new movie and also the most controversial movies of all. The censor board has given it an ‘A’ certificate, citing it is not suitable for children. The movie is shoot in a short time with a budget of 12 lakh (promotion etc. added up to a total of 27 lakhs). Shoot in a single location and having only three characters, the movie is told to be unique in nature. Chapali girl Binita Baral has been top in media even before signing the movie and remained talked about for her bold photographs and controversies. The movie is produced by Arjun Kumar and is directed by Dipendra K. Khanal.

Another movie "Sadak" was previously released in theaters out of Kathmandu. The movie featuring Ayush Rijal, Rekha Thapa, Sumina Ghimire, Ayub Chand etc. is made in formula story. The movie made in a budget of 85 lakh is directed by Pradeep Shrestha.

‘Rakshyak’ is another formula style movie featuring , Biraj Bhatt, and Rekha Thapa. Made with focus on action, love and music the movie is directed by Sanu Shakya.

**Summary in Nepali**

चैत ३ गते शुक्रबार तीन नेपाली सिनेमा ‘चपली हाइट’, ‘सडक’ र ‘रक्षक’ रिलिज भएका छन् ।  अरु दुइ फिल्म ‘म तिम्रो भैसकेँ’ र ‘तडप’ पनि रिलिज हुने हल्ला भए पनि अन्तिम समयमा यी दुइ फिल्म लाइ रिलिज गरिएन ।

‘यौन मनोविज्ञान’मा आधारित भनेर प्रचार गरिएको ‘चपली हाइट’ यो भन्दा अगाडिको तेस्तै फिल्म ‘पलपलमा’ जस्तै यौन कै कारण ले सफल हुने सम्भाबना रहेको छ भने अन्य दुइ फिल्म मोफसलमा लागिसकाका मसाला फिल्म भएकोले सामान्य रुपमा चल्ने अपेक्षा गरिएको छ ।

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