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Chapali Heights, an upcoming movie featuring Amir Gautam, Raj Ghimire and Binita Baral is told to be full of sex scenes and kiss scenes. The Ashma Film’s presentation is told to be filled with love, suspense, thriller and shot in the Chapali Height area in Kathmandu.


10 Photos of Binita Baral  from Chapali Height


The movie made on the direction of Dipendra K. Khanal was shot in 45 days. TThe movie financed by Arjun Pokharel has three main character, Amir Gautam, Raj Ghimire and Binita Bara, all new face in Nepali movie industry.

The movie is based on the story of a girl (Binita) living in a hostel in Pokhara and two guys who have fallen in love with her.

Chapali Height is planned to be released all over Nepal on Mangsir 9. The movie is trying to cash in the marketing tactics of Palpalma, the success of which was attributed to the censor board’s adult certificate. 

***Nepali summary***

प्रचार गरिए अनुसार, चपली हाईट चलचित्रभित्र धेरै त्यस्ता दृश्यहरु छन्, जसले गर्दा यस चलचित्रलाई बयस्क दर्शकले मात्र हेर्न मिल्ने वनाईदिएको छ । यसमा भएका चुम्वन र सेक्सका दृश्यहरुले सेन्सर पास गर्न गाह्रो हुने पनि हल्ला गरिएको छ |

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