Nov 162011

After the movie Dasdhunga refused to participate in the film awards NEFTA (Nepal Film Technician Association) Awards citing it’s nomination process un-scientific, another movie First Love has also decided not to participate.


Although, First Love is being nominated in the top five of 9 different categories out of 34 award categories. The First Love team was surprised when it was nominated in script, editing but not in the the best movie award category and best direction category. 

Dashdhunga was nominated in 5 different categories including best movie, best direction, best lead actor, best supporting actor, and best actor in negative roles. The director of the movie, Manoj Pandit, has released a press statement on the decision to opt-out of the award ceremony.

NEFTA Awards 34 awards in different categories and there are 47 movies participating in the fifth edition of the award program, this year. Last year’s fourth NEFTA Awards 2067 was held in March 12, 2011

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