Apr 192012

After the release data of ‘Naina Resham’ was delayed by a week, ‘Eku Back Again’ has become the only movie to be released on this Friday, April 20, 2012.



The movie of Suleman Shankar (Eku), ‘Eku Back Again’ is the sequel of his previous movie ‘Eku’. The movie also feature the ‘Caravan’ famed actor from Dolpa, Thinle Londup. The leading actors in the movie include Suleman Shankar (Eku), Jaya Shanakar (Eku’s wife), Thinle Londup, Rabi Dangol in leading role. The movie is produced by Eku and Mohan Ale Magar.

**Summary in Nepali**

सुलेमान शंकर, जया शंकर, थिन्ले लोन्डुप, रवि डंगोल आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको र निर्माता सुलेमान शंकर (इकु) र मोहन आले मगर ले निर्माण गरेको कमेडी फिल्म ‘इकु व्याक अगेन’ भोली बैशाख ८ गते रिलिज हुदै छ । पहिले रिलिज हुने भनेर भनिएको "नैना रेशम" भोली बाट १५ गते रिलिज हुने गरेर सरे पछि भोलि इकुको एकल रिलिज हुने भएको हो ।

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