Dec 062011

Model and a entrepreneur Etna Karki is one more broad-minded model who can speak her feelings freely like Smita Thapa, Sonia KC, or Baby Thapa. In an interview with a weekly Shukrabar, Etna told about her personal preferences. She has openly told about her preference of sex (not commonly admitted by Nepali girls). Following is an unofficial translation of the interview.


Q: What do you feel when somebody says you are sexy?

Etna Karki : I feel good. It is good to be sexy in somebody else’s eyes. If somebody says I am sexy, I say, "thank you".

Q: Some think sex is a day-to-day thing and don’t give much importance.

Etna Karki :I don’t think sex is that simple. It is totally dependent on one’s feelings.

Q: Why is sex required?

Etna Karki : After you cross certain age, you need sex to remain healthy physically and mentally. Sex has been practice since ancient time. If somebody undermines it’s importance they are pessimist.

Q: Do you have experiences of sex ?

Etna Karki :Yes of course… with my boyfriend.

Q: Have you watched blue film?

Etna Karki :Yes, I have watched. I was 17 year-old when I watched the first film. I was very excited after watching the movie. These days, I do watch them sometimes and be fresh after watching them.

Q: Should prostitution be legalized?

Etna Karki :Yes it should be. If prostitutes are given license to practice, society crime reduces. In other countries, is a simple thing.


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  3 Responses to “Etna Karki – Watches blue film to be fresh”

  1. Hey Mrs Karki,
    I would like to wish u a Happy New Year for 2012 and involve yurself in a lot of seduction as a sexual need which will make u remain healthy and strong.


  2. that right its free in usa and many more countries..where there is less sexual crime commited ……………

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