Mar 152012

Nepal Film Development Board has unveiled a 10-point policy and program on March 12, 2012 in which the board announced its future program and regulations.



The Board is seeking to pass a law so that it can be a powerful autonomous entity to regulate Nepali movie industry. It also announced National and International film festival in near future.

Later, it was confirmed that Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai is going to inaugurate National Film Festival in Surkhet in Chaitra.

The Board has also constructed a film hall to censor movies. It is also working on creating a box office system to regulate Nepali movie makers.

One of the controversial regulation was about cancelation of morning shows in theaters. The Board has indication of revision in the policy after protest from media and concern authorities.

It has also planning to regulate manufacturer and retailers of CD, DVD, VCD, and VHSs of Nepali movies.

In addition the Board is in the process of classification of Nepali cinema halls and preparing ethics of Nepali movie makers and artists.

Full text of the announcement is available here.


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