Jun 172011

Do you know which movie theater is the first to be established in Nepal?


It was called Jana Sewa Theater.


The theater was located at the place where current day Bishal Bazar is located, on the other side of Bhugol park.

There were no Nepali movies at that time, so the only movie shown in the theater were Hindi movies. You can see the poster of a Hindi movie, Chandan released in 1958, in the photo, above. The theater caught fire and was destroyed beyond repair in early 1960s.

After some time of it’s opening, another theater, Ranjana Theater – the second movie theater in Nepal was constructed in late 1950s. Ranjana theater lasted much longer than Janasewa and was still running till last year.

***Summary in Nepali follows***

नेपालको पहिलो सिनेमा हल सन् १९५० को दशकमा काठमान्डुको न्युरोडमा बनेको थियो | हाल बिशाल बजार भएको ठाउँमा रहेको सो बिशाल चलचित्र मन्दिरमा नेपाली फिल्मनै नबनेको हुनाले हिन्दी फिल्म मात्र लाग्ने गर्दथ्यो | दर्शकहरु पनि प्राय राजा र राजपरिवारका सदस्यहरु, ठूला बडा मानिस हरुकै बाहुल्यता हुने गर्दथ्यो |

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  1. may i get more information about the history of nepali cinema?

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