Jul 052014

The July first week edition of film program ‘Frame by Frame’ by Sahana Bajracharya features the following details:

  • The controversies of the National Award. Actress Priyanka Karki commented on the award and expressed her dissatisfaction on Neeta Dhungana winning the best actress award. Director Nischal Basnet also expressed his dissatisfaction on the National award.
  • News of Rekha Thapa‘s plan to climb Mt. Fuji with Sudarshan Gautam.
  • Songs – a song from ‘Mero Valentine’ – ‘Ke bhayo ….’
  • A song from ‘Chihan’ – ‘Chhakai Parun…’
  • New movie ‘Nabhya’. The actress Ashishma Nakarmi is being featured in leading role for the first time. Biplab R. Pokharel is directing the movie.
  • A song from ‘Nagbeli’ – ‘Aaja ta …’
  • Nisha Adhikari‘s new movie ‘Mero Valentine’.
  • A song from ‘Mukhauta’ – ‘Behal …’

Watch the full episode:

frame by frame week 1

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