Aug 302012

Three Nepali movies ‘Fullstop’, ‘Barsat’ and ‘Namaste’ are releasing on Friday, August 31.



The movie made on suspense thriller ‘Fullstop’ features Binita Baral and Sabin Shrestha in the leading role. The movie directed by Kamal Krishna is made on the story of Gajendra Ranjit. Because of violent and adult theme the censor board has assigned an ‘A’ certificate, not suitable for kids below 16-years of age.

Another release, a Rekha Thapa‘s movie, ‘Barshat’ is being released in theaters out of Kathmandu. The movie directed by Sanu Shakya and features Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha in main role. The movie is made on the story of Shivam Adhikari will be released in Kathmandu on Ashoj 5 (October 5).

The movie on the story and direction of Bijaya Bikram Basnet, ‘Namaste’ features Dilip Rayamajhi, Rajv Himsikha, Sonia KC, Gopal Dhakal in the main roles. The movie is released in theaters in Kathmandu and will be released in theaters out of Kathmandu on Bhadra 22 (September 7). 

**Summary in Nepali**

दिलिप रायमाझी, राजीव हिमशिखा, सोनिया केसी आदिको मुख्य अभिनय रहेको ‘नमस्ते’, विनिता वराल र सविन श्रेष्ठको मुख्य भुमिका रहेको सिनेमा ‘फुलस्टप’ काठमाण्डौंका हलहरुमा रिलिज हुदैछन भने मोफसलमा रेखा थापा र सबिन श्रेष्ठ ‘बर्षात’ रिलिज हुदैछन । ‘बर्षात’ काठमाण्डौंका हलहरुमा भने असोज ५ गतेबाट रिलिज हुँनेछ ।



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