Jun 272014

The winners of SAARC Film Festival Awards actress Garima Pant and director Joes Pandey were honored in a program held at Nepal Film Artists Association.

  • Garima had won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie ‘Jhola’.
  • Joes Pandey had won the Jury Award for the Best Director and a Silver Medal for his movie ‘Sanghuro’
  • Before that, the president Ram Baran Yadav had also called Garima at her residence to congratulate her for the award.
  • Popular journalist, Bijaya Kumar Pandey, had also interviewed Garima Pant over the award.

garima pant interviews and statements

We have three videos to highlights the three events.

1. Nepal Film Artists Association’s honor of Garima Pant and Joes Pandey:

2. Garima’s statement after meeting the President:

3. While performing an acting during an interview by Bijaya Kumar Pandey, Garima was so, into acting that she had actually cried. Watch the video of the actress crying:

garima pant and joes pandey

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