Sep 052010

buddha The Tulsi Ghimire‘s upcoming and record breaking animation movie, Gautam Buddha, will also break the record of total cost of production. That is not all, he expects to break some more records. Let me list them out:

  1. First animation movie in Nepali movie industry
  2. Highest production cost in Nepali movie history
  3. To be made into 13 different language

I hope to add the fourth point after it’s release – "highest earning in the history" too.

Considering the small market and limited resources, 80 million is a huge amount and Tulsi Ghimire aims to earn the revenue by targeting the foreign audience.

तुलसी घिमिरेले बनाउन लागेको नेपाली भाषाको पहिलो एनिमेशन फिल्म ‘गौतम बुद्ध’ अरु फिल्म भन्दा धेरै बढी खर्च गरेर बनाउन लागेको बताएका छन् | १३ वटा भाषामा समेत निकालिने तयारी भईरहेको सो फिल्मको निर्माणमा ८ करोड खर्च हुने उनले बताए । हाम्रो जस्तो सानो बजार मा त्यति ठुलो धनराशी खर्च गरेर फिल्म बनेको नै यो पहिलो हुनेछ |

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  1. […] Tulsi Ghimire is currently busy in an animated movie, the first in Nepali movie industry. The movie made on the story of Buddha is expected to be release in 2013 and will be dubbed in seven different languages. The moive was reported to cost over 80 million. […]

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