Dec 202011

It’s actually a belated Birthday wish! Keki’s birthday was on December 18, Sunday.



Actress Keki Adhikari celebrated her birthday in the sets of her upcoming movie “I am Sorry”. Keki told that it was the first time she has celebrated her birthday away from home.

In the shooting spot, her sister had surprised Keki by bringing a cake. They halted the shooting for a while to cut the cake and celebrate the birthday of the actress. Although, her birthday by English calendar is on December 17, it fell on Sunday according to Nepali calendar this year.

We wish a belated happy birthday to Keki Adhikari.

**Summery in Nepali**

नायिका केकी अधिकारीले यही  आईतबार चलचित्र ‘आई एम सरी’को सुटिंग स्पटमा नै आफ्नो जन्मदिन मनाएकी छिन् । पहिलो पटक घर परिवार बाट बाहिर जन्मदिन मनाएकी केकीकी बहिनीले सुटिंग स्पटमा नै केक लिएर गएकी थिईन ।

केकीलाई मुभिज नेपालको तर्फबाट जम्मदिनको मुरी मुरी शुभकामना !

  4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Keki Adhikari”

  1. appy b’day hope you enjoy your b’day

    sry if it’s too late



  2. hope you have wonderful day.

  3. i am sorry it is to late to wish ur birthday… anwyas late happy birthday……………………

  4. Many happy returns, baby !

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