Aug 062012

Nepali actress Reema Bishowkarma is celebrating her birthday on August 6, 2012 Monday. Reema started her acting career in the movie ‘Swor’.



Reema has been active in media for some time now. She has done some modeling too. Her upcoming movie ‘Visa Girl’ is being released next month (on Ashoj 12) and she has recently completed acting in ‘Six Feet Life’.

Reema is currently studying for the Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Moviesnepal team would like to offer best wishes for the birthday and all the best for her upcoming movies.

** Summary in Nepali**

नेपाली हिरोइन रिमा बिश्वकर्माले आज श्रावण २२, सोमवार आफ्नो जन्मदिन मनाउँदै छिन् । जन्मदिनको कुनै कार्यक्रम नभए पनि बर्दियाकी यी नायिकाले बिहान मन्दिरमा गएर आशिर्बाद भने लिएकी थिइन।

रिमा जन्मदिनको उपलक्षमा मुभिजनेपालको तर्फबाट शुभकामना  !

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