Feb 052013

Nepali actress Sweta Khadka has turned 24. Although many of her friends and fans don’t believe she is so young, she has assured that she has turned 24 on Magh 23, 2069 (February 5, 2013).  Sweta added, her passport and citizenship certificate however have a different date of birth in Baisakh.

Sweta_khadka red hot

Sweta told that her elder sister had become the first person to wish her birthday wishes.

Sweta is currently participating in a workshop in preparation of Shree Krishna Shrestha‘s upcoming movie. Shree Krishna had announced the movie on his birthday in December.

Sweta hasn’t planned any events to celebrate her birthday. MoviesNepal team would like to offer our best wishes to Sweta on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Sweta Khadka!

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