Jun 242014

The director of hit movie ‘Hostel’ Hemraj BC is accused of cheating and stealing Rs. 600,000 during the production of BC’s second movie ‘Zindabad’. Hemraj and Hima had been in a living-together relationship for the last 5 months.

hemraj bc and hima shrestha

In a Facebook post, Hima accused the director of running away with her money and asked others to be aware of him. A mother of a 13-years-old daughter, Hima was divorced 12 years ago. After living in Korea for some time, she is currently working as a Korean language instructor. Hima says that she doesn’t have any proof that BC has taken her money.

‘Zindabad’ producer Saroj Neupane had introduced Hima to Hemraj. They were living together in a rented room near Bhakeko Pul. After the relationship turned sour, Hemraj moved to another location in Kamalpokhari. Hemraj has denied the accusations of Hima and asks her to provide the proof.

Hima has already deleted the message from Facebook.

hima shrestha facebook post


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