Nov 222015

A very hot music video by singer and model Jyoti Magar has been released in YouTube. The video featuring the hot avatar of Jyoti Magar is about guys following the girls in the street. The song titled ‘Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi Parchhan …’ is recorded on the voices of Jyoti Magar and Tanka Timilsina’s voice. The music video director, Shiva BK, himself is featured opposite to Jyoti Magar in the video.

jyoti magar and shiva bk music video

Jyoti’s short dress and the scene of bathing features a lot of skin show in the video. Although, it is trick photography, Jyoti looks hot as usual in the music video.

The full details of the music video:

  • Song title – Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi Parchhan
  • Singers – Jyoti Magar, Tanka Timilsina
  • Lyrics – Naresh Rai
  • Music – Bhadra Oli
  • Director – Shiva BK
  • Models – Jyoti Magar, Shiva BK and friends
  • Cinematographer – Shambhu Balise
  • Editor – Rabin BK
  • Producer – Shiva 4S Media
  • Presentation – Rakshya Music

Watch the music video:

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