Jun 072010

Smita Thapa is made popular by model promoting sites by posting highly revealing poses of hers. Due to the nascent nature of Nepali modeling industry, ‘skin show’ is considered the only talent most desirable in Nepali models. Smita leads the crowd and she made herself popular by this interview in which she has accepted that she has multiple sex partners and she quite comfortable to shed clothes for the camera. It is to be noted that she was drinking whiskey while talking to the Kantipur reporter for this interview. Full interview in Nepali follows:

Read the full article with the hot interview:
smita thapa interveiw and hot talk_Page_1

smita thapa interveiw and hot talk_Page_2

smita thapa interveiw and hot talk_Page_3

smita thapa interveiw and hot talk_Page_4

smita thapa interveiw and hot talk_Page_5

(source – saptahik)

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  174 Responses to “‘I am not a call girl but …’ Smita Thapa”

  1. hi smita ji i would like to kiss and love with you ok if you will ready with me .you will come london ok

  2. She is clearly a call girl or RANDI, advertising the same. She is conducting the bisiness in the name of Model/Modelling.

  3. uffffffff keti ko naam ma dhabba…. nepalma ahile testo keti pani aunu thaleko baba…. dhandawali ko testo aham …uffffffffff this is too much ….atleast parents ko ijjat ta rakhide sala

    • Let me write u one thing seriously Phulmaya ji. It’s really not needful for u to know about what Smita Thapa does and what’s her identity. U need to mind your own business and do your own work. Let her become what she wants. There are billions of girls like Smita Thapa who love to have physical relation with boys and men of their choice without even thinking about their social prestige. Nothing can be done to prevent them. So, I must say that u need to stay far from her as much as possible.

  4. ok yo pani lesson nai mannu parchha kina ki sabai kura nadhatera vaneko ma smita thapa lai dhanyabad n reporters cheers

  5. I think the interview is purely her own feel and individual opinion, however most of the women in the world wants like the same but the difference is that they do not expose themselves openly,,,so I don’t think,, she is wrong.

  6. Aaphu bigriyo bigriyo bichara aaphule palne bhaneko BACHHI haruko po bijog hune bho.
    Kinaki jasto Aama Bau testai CHORA CHORI.
    Dharma putri dinele pani ek patak sochnu la.

  7. very hot, romantic and open minded girl.

  8. @ krishna nice one,,.,,..,,,, aaba aama ta khappar ma lekheko chaina rahechh baru DHARMA PUTRI haru lai chai RESERVE ma rakhnu paryo jasto chh ..aaba esta bhalu le ta paleka santaan pakka pani yo bhanda ta kharo niskanchhn ,,..,,.. baru market ma aaunu bhanda pahila nai trial chai gari halnu parchh ,,,,……@ smita eso 16-17 barsha ko VIGIN ktiee lai chai dharma putri banaunu hai ………@ smita aama bhae pani chhl chh if u r ready …………hahahahahaha

  9. ke ho smita keta chahiye ko bhaye kina tetro newspaper ma interview ko bahana ma khoji rakheko ni ratna park ma sajha gayera base bhai halthiyo ni chani chani paunthyo
    jodi pani hunthyo

    • Let me write u one thing with seriousness whoever u are. If u can’t write a good comment to a woman, u have no right to write even a bad comment to her. Well let me write u one more thing even if u take it seriously and negatively. U asked her to stay in Ratna Park for getting a right kind of man for her whole life. Well it will be better if u take that challenge and become her husband just for a decade. Later on u will come to know how hard it becomes to maintain a social relation with anyone with whom u get connected. Hence, I would strongly suggest u not to write such a comment ever to her.

  10. Smita G,
    You have the right to spend your life in your own way.

  11. smita ji if you dont mind i like to talk with you plz call me 9849135218 i am also agree with your logic.

  12. u’re really a bravo girl who dared to open the feelings amongst public. u’ve really a courage and confidence to do that. though it is undigest in our nepali society but u do the beggings n i’m really impressed from that and want to wish ur life better and progressive ahead. ranvir_nepal@yahoo.com

  13. Ma tmi sanga sun ma sugandha thapna chahan6u. <3 SMITA.

  14. smita Thapa your pose is not digest for Nepali socities.would would better to play in p0rn movies.

    • U should not say what she needs to do as it’s her own life and she has got full rights to decide. I would better ask u to stay away from her because she really hates men like u.

  15. yo khale sambandha rakhne haru dherai chhan uni bahir aayeki matrai hun. unka dherai sathi madhye auta ma pani huna paye hunthyo.

  16. yo ketilai nepal bata bahira western ma pathai dinu parcha……..tyahan dherai ramro business garche……hope to see her in her private movies……

    • I don’t know who are u and from where do u belong. Anyway let me remind u one thing. Whether Smita Thapa should be sent to Western countries or not, it’s not your subject matter. Let her at first and then her parents decide what she needs to do in her life. U don’t have any right to interfere in the personal matter of anyone. It will be far better if u even stop suggesting what she needs to do and what she need not.

  17. mapani timi saga bhate garna chahanchu huna smita jee

  18. hami lai pani dine hoena chandol ma nai basne ani chandol kata lai nai nadheni ke ab phari chandol ma nai basne aauna smita darling

  19. she is totally a psychopath… a bloody third class call girl.. perhaps she didn’t find any costumer so she is advertising… yo interview line manchhe le pani pakkai diyo jasto chha…

    • Hello Mr Karki. It seems as if u have hatred with Ms Thapa due to which u have written a comment without understanding her internal feelings. Most of her sentences are really true if I have to be sure. Men have been abusing, mistreating, torturing, exploiting and even assaulting women from ancient times without any particular reason to show their manhood. I must say that u also belong to the same type. If u are, I must also say that in modern times, women are becoming highly aware of their social rights and they even want a revolutionary change in their lifestyle. Smita Thapa wants nothing but positive and effective change to occur in the living standard of every woman in this world.

  20. […] source of her income. Do you know of a profession in Nepal that earns 400,000 to 500,000 a month? (she told she can spend that much a month!) As far as I know nobody earns that much except CEOs of major […]

  21. eewwww……..for this type of girl!! yaakkk…..

  22. smita is looking so sexy& beauty

  23. what is this ???? hami modern hundai chau rey ???? call girl ko lagi yo vanda ramro add kun hunna sakcha ra ??? baru aauta kitab lekhnu nu ni…. kina interview dina parne hola bold hunna ko lagi… whiskey ko trip ma ta diyeko rahecha…. interview liney soltale chai darro moj gare jasto cha hai…. nepali nari ko beijjat…. aafule thuprai sanga sangat gareko chu vanera sunauna pani katti saro rahar lageko hola…. testai bold hunnu cha ra 4-5 lakh kamaune manche le baru samaj sewa (social work) garnu ni….. garib besahara lai madat garnu… ke vako hola sansar…. kantipur ta jhan ramro patrilka hola vaneko, jhan yesto bakwaass kura chapera ke prove garnu khojeko hola ????

    • U need to know one thing for sure Karan. U can’t write anything to anybody. I don’t think somebody has given u the right to criticize Kantipur News Company. If the interview related to Smita Thapa has been taken, u need to take it normally but not seriously. Nothing wrong has happened to the person who is taking her interview. On top of that, I don’t even think that Smita and her interviewer were so much drunk that they were out of conscious. So please don’t write whatever strikes your mind.

  24. samaj bigarne bhasan didai chin yini le..advance bhannu bhaneko khuleaam sex ra sexuality hoina bhanne kura bhujhya pani chainan…ahile pani soch mature bhayeko jasto dekhidaina…..affu lai sampana ghar ko bhane yo keti ko mansikta sampanna chaina ….

    • Actually your mentality is rotten, damaged and even outdated. U really don’t know what the hell u have written. I don’t know who gave u the authority to write u such a stupid comment. Anyway, let me write u something. U must be able to praise Smita Thapa since she is a woman of courage, determination and knowledge. She really has a very good idea about what is the overall social condition of women in Nepalese society. I don’t think that her thoughts are wrong. It’s u who has gone insane due to which unnecessarily criticizing her. Just think before u write anything to anyone.

  25. janma dine babu amma lai dhanyebad yesti kuputri janmayeko ma………………………………………………………………………………. what this ? we are hindu and we have our won culture .i think this kind of lgirls all are relay beatchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Due to the birth of wrong men like u in a massive quantity women in every country of the world are suffering and they also blame this one even to their bad luck. U need to change the way u think about women. Smita is not a woman who is degrading our Nepalese society but it’s u who really don’t have mercy upon any woman. U are even jealous of her achievement in her life. I must also say that her success leads u to her jealousy due to which u have written such a bad comment about her.

  26. Yo sansar nai ahile yestai bhai sakyo kinaki ek pavitra thau(Nepal) bata jada uta apavitra desh(USA) ma hamro cheli beti bigrinu bhaneko kaliyug ko sanket ho. i wish from now no one of nepal will continue this system of p0rn.

    • U have written in such a way that Smita Thapa has stayed in the United States for a long time and has just arrived to Nepal. However, let me remind u of something. She is a woman who has capability, determination, knowledge and even potential. U can’t call her a spoilt daughter of a spoilt mother. It will surely be wrong if u say her like that.

  27. nepali bhalu pani khulam khula bolna thale 1uta us re 2 jana nepal ma bayo hai frn haru yo gantantra le ta sabai lai bol na chute deko che ni

    • If u really want that something worst won’t happen to u, stop calling Smita Thapa a whorish woman. She is not a typically whorish woman as u think. Well if u take her like that, u are totally wrong. It’s her own life which she likes to enjoy in her own manner. So, I want u not to act as a villain in her life. Let her do whatever she feels it’s right for her to do.

  28. wao..!! what a free thinking… free enjoy… free life ! tapai ko bichar ekdam open 6… i like it… “jeevanma man ka ichchha akankchhaharu man ma kunthyairakhnu paap ho… free life jiuna paaunu harek manis ko adhikar ho.. !!”

  29. smita aba sex video chadai bajar ma leunu paryo….. aba timro palo ….. camara chai alik ramro use garnu hai ….. timmile sikeko asan sabai rakha hai …….. waiting for video ……………kina bhane sabai thaha paesakyo aba herna matra baki chha kina dhilo garne ………chauri parla….. chado gara hai ………

    • Shame on u Dip. U have no rights to stay in human society. The reason is u have bad feelings about the woman named Smita Thapa. I don’t think that she should release her sex video in coming days. Well if u are in dire need of watching a sex video, u can go to web-sites like pornhub.com, keezmovies.com, spankwire.com, youporn.com and on top of that brazzers.com. U will get high-class porn movies to see in these web-sites.

  30. i agree with ur view

  31. Smita………

    Rooop anusar ko bani bhaye ko bhaye best hunthyo but…..

  32. harek manis aafno kam aafnai manle garn free hunu parcha. yo kura sabaile maneka chan tara jaba sex ko kuro aauncha ani dheraile kuro pherchan. malai yo sex ko kuro ma keta keti bich bibhed gareko patakkai man pareko chaina.tara keta hos ya keti sabaile aafno ichchhya ko sath sath aafno waripari ko watawaranko pani khyal rakhnu parcha

  33. i wish all nepali could afford to spend 4-5 lakhs per month like you.
    A B.Tech holder gives such Cheap interviews…well educated i must say.

  34. ………..edited……….

  35. ———edited——-

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  37. smita you are so sexy i like your poise .

  38. waaaau yo ho jindagiko swaad chakhne kura.arulai disturb nahune gari aafno jiban aafhu khusi bitaauna paunu parchha .
    ma yo kurama sahamat chhu.

  39. im proud of smita bcoz nepali samaj ma yinio jasta pani girl chan jasle urop n america lai pani challeng gari .. so very much thank u smita ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i wana see u live pls give me a chance ..

  40. I fell so good

    when i see you pic felling a hug you
    so sexy are you

    i fell soooooooooooooo good

  41. i just want to ………r u happy with ur life its okeyy ..m also livin my lif happyly coz its my life…… then u talk about karode or billiions ; th“s all u want ..—n wat do u think? did u win smt or u just want to ………..omg its suck to meh u r not just a model ………….try to smt alse u will b trilllion in one day but dont say r u a nepleses girl…………………………………….

  42. Hi Sexy, You R Very Sexy When i See you i feel…….so
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  43. hi i feel too good for your feeling but you may had so many fan who is better to enjoy i tings

  44. I like the way she replied each and every question , destination of life is different for eah person , there is nothing wrong with this girl… thats life cheers smita …

  45. personally, im NOT ok with whatever it is that shes doing but i do respect the fact that it’s her life and we dont have any right whatsoever to judge her.

  46. This message is for smita.
    please convey this message upto smita.

    Hi! it’s me bijaya, i am feeling cool when i see a article smita thapa. 1st i would like to say that controversies is the one great way to be a popularity. whatever discuess give us is a great message for future achievement. so smita go on. ahead there is a sucess life but in backward there is a looser life. i don’t believe in one way negetive whims. what is your prob plz share me.

  47. bob ta over 6 ta

  48. […] published an interview of Smita Thapa in which she talked freely about her sexual life. She frankly talked about her affairs with many […]

  49. I don’t know about the feeling of girls but also all Nepali shoudn’t be like as smita as but she have gave a lesson that girls are not as what the men thinks.

  50. Mr Ramesh Karki

    Do you know definition of a psychopath??

  51. hi !! smita ji …
    maile sabai ko comments haru pade .. ma matrai rai6 u lai dherai support garne i really i like ur attitude.
    i know ur guiltless gal yesma u ko kunai dosh6na
    sabai kura lai birsidinuhos..
    ma tapai lai suikar garne6u, if ur agree me plzz sent me msg in my email address .
    biee.. keep in touch

  52. our life is a drama

  53. HELLO SHMITA JI MALAI PANI 1 choti yuj garnu hola thanks email id tekraj1987@yahoo.com

  54. so sweet, baby,nice p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  55. I like ur views.It is our society’s nature. So ur brave woman. Thanks for ur good view.


  56. Smita Ji, Tapai ta Hollywood ko ….. Film ma Khelna jane sallaha dinchhu, tyahan ta yesto kam ko pani thulai ijjat hunchha bhaneko suneko chhu, Nepal ma tapai lai Nepali haru le pachaulan jasto lagdaina…

  57. smita thapa ji timi le ta sabai lai used garera hiddi raichau ta yeso molai pani one chance dine ki

  58. You are good, your thinking is modern but why you want to add. It’s your business or information. i think you have frustetion in love.

  59. khub western bhaye bhanthane hola… herda kheri bharkhar gaun bata aayera fashion garna janeko jasto dekhincha anuhar ni pakhini… trying to be modern..hahahaha

  60. as i understand u like to use man can u give one chance

  61. pagal kati ho. …….khalauna valley ko jastho chha. sabai lai kam dian

  62. Smita jee tapin k gaf ta testai h tara boofs chanhi manparyo.

  63. Wow ! Ur so OPEN BOOK n BRAVE GIRL, i like it. Keep it up.Just talk on mail.uttam_6aryal@yahoo.com

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  68. ho! naya nepal ko naya kura.

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  70. Smita cheap publicity pauna ko lagi ho…chi jpt kt..kati na afu ramri vanthaneko hola ni..herda moti vaisi jasto cha..body show garadai ma kta haru impress huncha ra…waiwat..

  71. Smita i like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  72. Thikai ho, aru lae kura lukauchan, Smita lae khulera bhanin, I agree wid u Smita

  73. em shocked aftra read it …but smita ur too free minded but appriciate atleast u hv gots to slam down d mans ego..n the people who hd given d comment malai pani use n throw garnu na like dat …yeah c wud defently use throw u bt for this u must b able to giv her 100% satisfaction on sex so think abt it ….do u really hv gots to sex wid her ..she had too much experience wid to many people so beware ta ta chakka raichas bhannle comment paula feri smita bata ….

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  75. laj saram nahune sanga ke kura garya hola yi patrakar harule yiniharuko jaat pani kukurko tyo bhanda kam chhaina?

  76. how is ths possible ?if u spent ths type of life successfully thn congrats bt i thnk u’v a sex proud n a ego of ths selfish society i dnt thnk so ki kasaile hurt gare vane jaruri 6aina ki timle pani kasailai hurt garna thts all

  77. thukka…………pagal girl nepali ko baijet nai garis hai….

  78. yo we need to meet girl. we can party.

  79. as she has alredy mentioned that she had sexual relationship with a man in the car as she was gone uncontrolled emotionally now i urge her to hav sexual relationship either at Khulamanch or at Ratnpark and broadcast live through medias. keep it up thapa ji. u r great horny shit!

  80. I want to love u

  81. kt haru ta sabai bhalu bhaya bhane AIDS lag6,smita le tyastai gari

  82. Smita, what did say your father.

  83. happy birthday smitha

  84. You may use your right how much you can. No problem. What every like to your self. No problem for me.

    Some time call me also ok hahaha

  85. good hehehehe,katae hamro pani palo po aaaune ho ki,well keep it up………

  86. नेपाली समाजमा कलंक बरु मेरो काम धंदा हो भंनुस न स्मीता जी आफु त बीग्रीनु भयो अरुका बच्चा ल्याएर कोठी खोल्ने बीचार छ की क्याहो भा** …

  87. 6ya kasto laj navayko keti ho,susmita le ketaharulai KHELAUNA samjera prayog gardai aairaheko jasto lag6a tara aafai purusko KHELAUNA vayako thaha nai vayana

  88. yo keta haru koi kt le khuler kura garyo bhanyo naramro sochchan ……kta haru le gareko harek kaam pani ramro kt le gareko kama chahai naramro yo kta haru lai kina koi kt khuler kura gareko ma pani jealousy hunchan…..kahele bhujna sakdainau kt ko bhawana lai khali naramro matra bhanchan ……yestooo kta haru lai ta yestai garnu pacha smita ji i appreciate

  89. sarai dukha lagyo ra open minded bhayeko keti bhayekole setting garnu man bhayo use me when u recuired

  90. i want to talk to yo… pls contact mee

  91. you don’t you use money for investment like setting up modern digital studio, training college etc. Its worthless using it for other purpose;

  92. k ho jawani ko jodma hosh gumaunu vayo ki kya ho?

  93. hi smirha really your life is like that? i would like to meet u. are u ready??

  94. la man lagda j gare nae hun cha

  95. thukka …yasto hunu bhanda ta marnu jaati hun6…

  96. hey garnu ta ra ati char chai nagarnu.ko hi saga secret sex rakdha hudai na .

  97. whatever you did with all thoese guy’s that’s your wish.so you really don’t need to publish it.if you think you r doing right in your life than do it again N again but plz keep quite.
    Being Nepali,do not put in shame to other nepales women,they all are not like you.
    Onething more,if u r not call girl,how could u make 4 to 5 hundred thousand per month in nepal?You might b keep n touch with nepalese politician.Do u think all the people who is reading this bullshit interview of your are stupid like you{BITCH}.

  98. Ab kehi chaina raheko jiwan ramrai bitaune garnu ani sabailai biswas nagarnu. Becare ful vayara ab jiwan sathi khojera life banaunu ok

  99. smita ji malai taopai ko kahani padhera malai pani mero jawaniko yad ayo kina bhane ma pani tyahi bhanna chhanchhu ki praya keti haru mera lagi sirf 1 rupaiyako khane chuigum hun sayad tile ta matra nepal ra nepali harulai matra khelauna banai chhau tara maile duniyako sabai bhanda kada kanun shaudi jasto thauma panin ketilai khelauna banaya ra yahako kanun yahnko ketilai here pani sajaya phasi ho aba timinai socha suhan who?(mrityou)Ans

  100. i am proud of u ,u got such a view with u .i am nepali but i live in canada,i have business here.i am the alone member of my family ,i am 28 yrs old,unmarried.i am not having my introduction to increase my identification with her,i get inspire of her,life can be in a way just wed need to handle its string in a right way and we are not need of any one,to live a life we can live alone……..there is one saying(noone dies virgin life fucks everyone)i will be happy when i meet u one time

  101. मैले १६ वर्षको उमेरदेखि पुरुषको संगत गर्दै आएकी छु । अहिलेसम्म कति पुगे होलान् भनेर गन्दा अल्मलिन्छु । धेरै पुगिसके, कति भन्नु ? -लामो हाँसो) ।सन्तानका लागि विवाह किन गर्नुपर्‍यो र ? मलाई एउटा यस्तो लोग्नेमानिस चाहिएको छ, जो हेन्डसम होस्, असल व्यवहारको होस् । उसलाई म आफ्नो सन्तानको बुवा बनाउन चाहन्छु, तर त्यसमा उसको अधिकार हुनेछैन । त्यो मेरो मात्र सन्तान हुनेछ ।
    best of luck .

  102. love ur points……..i appreciate..go on

  103. love is bliend sex is light

  104. I Like and agree with you Miss Smita Thapa, If you need adult & Perfect Boys just contact me.

  105. she’s openminded tara eti saro openminded hamro society ma undigestable nai cha ajhai pani..esto kura haru newspaper ma chapnu parne kura pani haina..ani she’s promoting the prostitution field..kt haru ko bejat nai garyo yo kt le..nepal ma ajhai sanskari ra ramro khalke kt haru bachirako cha..i think aile customer napako le she’s advertising herself!! get a real life girl!!!

  106. i know u r not wrong.i think it is only law of nature.i want to saw u as a susaceful person.i recept u.that was not ur folt.u r so brave.my trust with u.dont be sad.

  107. u r brave and frank girl. u have shown your feelings openly. i respect you. u said u want to use men. so use me also. i am ready.

  108. i like you samita because she is truly. i hope the next time to you good model.SAMITA IS NOT A CALL GIRL. I REQUEST ALL THE NEPALI GIRL, PLEASE DONT TOLD IS CALL GIRLS. PLEASE, PLEASE

  109. yes….you have the right to live your life the way you want. and no one should have problem with that.

    but i would like to call you a shameless creature because as u mention, “budo manche lai FAKAUNA” fakaunu pareko thio bhane pachi.. tyo budo manche le paila maneko thiena recha…. u bitch!! arko ko husband, father lai fasaune” thukkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! THUKKA!

  110. @sneha, She sure is a butch but, fasne budho manche pani testai ho…. fasne maan nabhayeko bhaya eutai car ma kina janthe ra 🙂

    • Bro admin, keta haru ko weakness bro lai thaha nai hola ni, jo sukai hosh, (even 70 year old budho), keti le tyastari seduce garepachi, jo keta pani raaji huncha. No matter what the man’s age is and the girl’s. Euta 15-16 barsha ko keti le chahyo bhane, usle jasari bhaye pani 70 barsha ko budho lai sex garna raaji banauna sakcha. Keti haru sanga tyo chyamata huncha.
      Yedi raaji na huney ho bhane, keti le tyaslai namarda samjhancha.



  113. i think once u should watch dirty picture…..every person have individual feeling……as i m gal i suggest u to be strong in ur decision.cz this society is very cruel it will disappoint u..hats offf for u …….be stong like this alwyz

  114. ma pani tapai jasto banna chahan6u smita ji

  115. Jasto manabma hunu parchha tapaile chharlanga parnu vako 6

  116. i like ur status keep it up.

  117. i like ur attitude keep it up.

  118. Sabina ji tapaile pani kunai k ta bat dhoka paunu vayo ra?
    @smita ji tapaiko khulla,nadhati kura garne bani ta malai man paryo.but,sabaiko b4r auty hudaina ni yar.yo ta tapaiko b4r vayo.aruko/k ta haruko sabaiko b4r tapaile vane jasto kaha hun6 ra? Plz E-mail id=Devlalbandi@yahoo.com or,mig33=devlalbandi ma add garnus me u saga inter.lin6u/sahi batoma puryau6u yo tapaile mero personal challnge vayo.

  119. she is spreading rumur..saying that she passed btech….she doesn’t seem to be such…she might be a call girl…..

  120. malai pani man tiyo ka garnu sabita ji

  121. of course she is a call girl, if not she must have published her sourse of income and family background….. she is a very very proffessional call girl.

  122. thanks verymuch smita jee aphno kura nadhanti khulera bhanekoma,i like you very much and want to talk with you if you want

  123. 😛 hi Smita g.,.
    There was nothing any special just my emancipation brain wanted 2 break sum restriction through effigieng this letter 2 u…
    Anything wasn’t reasonable just sending a herd of madrigals 2 ur superior heart…
    Smita G i respect ur feeling n i do support u…
    U may go on, u can be in very height….
    N 1 thing u r a glamorous girl…
    U can b success….
    God bless u…

  124. thumb up super-lady!

  125. thats the truth it comes in the news cause you are model and i wish i wouldnt like to watch scandal movie of you what you said thats fact nepali is a hindu country so people doesnt speak the truth bt like this story is many behind the news you are the one who speak truth no matter go on and be safe from scandal movie enjoy the life and dont think only the old age people can hav the grt job in natural process some young man can do…………..

  126. nepali kt vaera nepalikai bjjat k garne lai vanda k garne lai lag vanya jasto npali ktko bejjat nagar afu ta bigri bigri arulai ni bigarne kura nagar…bhaluni

  127. Yo kt itahari ko ho as she is saying she has a lot of money that may b true bt her family r poor suffering from hand to mouth problem so sabai paisa sojha kta haru lai lutera kamako ho yesko sampati sarkar le jafat garera ashram ma dinu parxa yesto kt le hamro itahari nagar ko beijjat gari yesko mutne silaidinu parxa.

  128. smita, itz a 1 tym lyf n itz ur lyf. Live a lyf wat kind of lyf u want live. May b thr is a lot person who show his/her commit so sinterly but thy knw wat thy done in their lyf. M very fond of ur intvew keep it up.b happy.

  129. Miss Smita! Timi jo hou, je garchau, tesma sarokaar chaina, tara afno culture ko pani khyal gare ramro, hamro samaajle esto kura pachdaina, bina sitti kina birodh ko paatra baane, ra female commentetor sathi harule pani yo prabirti lai support nagarera yaha raheka aaru pabitra naari haru ko beijat nagardinu hola, hamro hindu dharmale ‘Ama, chori, ra buhari’ lai pujya maneko cha. Tesai le hami pani kasaiko pabitra AAMA, CHORI SHRIMATI ra BHUHARI banau. Tara yo fori kura ko support garera hami baki maila le aru susil maila ko maan ma chot napuryau hai. Any this fact is undigestable issue of our society.

  130. do you want fun with me ? I am mature man from KTM

  131. Cheap shit.

  132. photo dekhda malai pani smita ko sangat garna man lagyo

  133. hamlai pani sewa ko mauka dinu huncha ki…???????

  134. Hi smita I wanna met u . you seem like an interesting person.

  135. Who told her she is a call girl? If not what she is ? phone no pani diyeko bhaya hune thiyo

  136. yasari adha sarira dekhaunu bhanda ta sabai dekhaunda ramro hunchha hola……………….anyway i like ur booooooooooooooooooooobs so big muwaaaaaaaw

  137. […] published an interview of Smita Thapa in which she talked freely about her sexual life. She frankly talked about her affairs with many […]

  138. […] some even called the interview an advertisement of her ‘business’. (The interview is available in Moviesnepal.com and the issue was also discussed in […]

  139. la la enko kura ta m lai pni mn pryo. .

  140. Well u are a woman of confidence, courage and clarity. U have really proved that women of the 21st century can fully utilize their rights and spend their whole life without any trouble, fear and pressure. I must say that u are the representative character for mainly those women who suffer under patriarchy. For being honest, u must be kind enough to those women whose overall situation is miserable in Nepal.

  141. […] few weeks back, the interview of Smita Thapa that was ‘A-rated’ and was not suitable for the kids to read. Question was raised weather the […]

  142. smita ji
    i m looking for a long time but could not meet u .when i read ur interview on saptahik malai logne haina logne manis chahiyeko cha since i thought i am a matured man as a lion for girl or women and fit for u.and other. details talk with u on meeting .

  143. You r so hot and cute……I like u.

  144. Hi Smita you are my dream.
    I want to meet you once.

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