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A love story movie "I am Sorry" is released in about 50 theaters all over Nepal on February 10, 2010.  Aryan Sigdel and Keki Adhikari starrer movie is made in a budget of NRs. 15Million.


Initial response of the movie is positive and the movie seem to have potential to be a successful one.


The writer of this movie, Pradeep Bhardwaj, had challenged that the story of the movie doesn’t resembles to any other movies. At the time when almost all the movies are copies of foreign movies, movies made on original stories are liked by Nepali viewers.

‘I am Sorry’ is directed by a new director, Dinesh Raut who is appreciated for the job in his debut movie.

**Summary in Nepali***

कलाकारहरु आर्यन सिग्देल, केकी अधिकारी, नीता ढुंगाना, केशव भट्टराई, विष्णु सापकोटा, श्याम अर्याल, बीएस राणा, विशाल सापकोटा आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको ‘आइ एम सरी’ यहि शुक्रबार देखि देश भरिका हलहरुमा प्रदर्शन शुरु भएको छ ।

फिल्मको बारेमा अन्य जानकारी र पोस्टर यहाँ – I am Sorry posters

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  1. I love the all film of aryan why i d0nt kn0w i liked all..lop u aryan..mis u

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