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Indian films have been the sources for the stories, dialogues, scenes, music, and every other aspects of Nepali movies. The part-by-part imitations were liked by the audience and hence encouraged the producers and directors to do the same in their other movies. Evidences show that Indian films have a far-reaching influence over Nepali films since the filming of ‘Harischandra’, the first ever Nepali film.

Tashan and tridev movie posters

Well, that was part-by-part copying. These days the copying have been bold and shameless. They copy everything from A to Z and market the movie as an original concept.

Bollywood industry has far excelled to meet international standards with the use of latest technology in modern context while Nepali film industry, comparatively younger by some decades, is still at a tortoise-pace. Nepalese producers and directors have failed to produce anything new but are expert at serving the audience the replica of what is already there in the Bollywood. Nepali film crews agree that they have lagged behind in experimenting new concepts, technology and innovations. Some even don’t regret to say that it’s not bad to copy the Bollywood films which are also imitation of the Hollywood. We are compelled to switch to such imitative trend as Nepali audience are greatly influenced by the Indian films, said a director on condition of anonymity, further adding, “It’s not a crime to imitate good creations of the world.”

Nepali film industry has suffered its own originality and uniqueness due to a majority of commercially motivated instead of professional film-makers, argued K.P. Pathak. He further maintained that newness in Nepali films has been a distant cry as most film-makers are lazy bones who don’t dare exploring new areas for filming. Director-cum-lyricist Yadav Kharel hinted at the possibility of mimicry due to similar cultural, and linguistic heritage between Nepal and India. As Nepali film-makers suffer from inferiority complex, they don’t give a second thought to giving a new taste to Nepali audience, added he. The influence of the Bollywood over Nepali films can also be attributed to the lack of government plans and policies to uplift the industry onto a new height.

Many of the hit and unsuccessful Nepali films are nothing but a mere imitation of Indian films. Some bear same titles such as Himmat, Sadak, Prithvi, Chamatkar, Man, Bandhan, Jiddhi, Badal, Chadani, Angarakshak, Kamando, Dag, Dusman, Khandan, Arjun, Aawara etc. with others copying story, dialogue, music, scene or lyrics such as Darpanchhaya (Duniya Dilwaleki), Solteeni (Ham Aap Ke Hain Kaun), Superstar (Rangila), Aago (Diljale), Hiro (Saugandha), Allare (Dil He Betab), Jindagani (Hogi Pyar Ki Jit), Sukha Dukha (Jaisi Karani Waisi Bharani), Kasto Saino (Janawar), to name a few.

Rekha Thapa movie poster copied from Hollywood movie

It is also true that many of the Bollywood movies are also replica of Hollywood movies. They have gone through the stage our Nepali Movie Industry is going through these days. Considering it as a natural cycle might be a bit exaggerating, it is the viewers who will decide what they want and what they don’t. I hope the responsible people will learn now than later that originality always pays well.

  4 Responses to “Imitation in Nepali Movies from Bollywood”

  1. it;is not good to copy another film also but it is so nice i like its movie

    • ya it’s not correct to copy but nepali people copy ‘cauz it is simple to them ‘cauz copying and making film is their daily work it’s simple to them so they are suitable to call chor but also as much as they try to copy than also they are not successful in their work.

  2. Its always good to copy n learn for good effect. But Bollywood ( dhoti ) haru ko nai kina, why not the Hollywood.

  3. u nepali, ACT & ACts never , ever, become like,,, B< H,,,

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