Mar 262010

Rumor of secret marriage between Nepali actress Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti made news in Nepali media last week week. There was another news of the marriage news being a fake. We have to wait for some time to know the real story but in the mean time let’s watch the interviews of the two actors.

We have collected the interviews of these two top actor/actress in Nepali Movie industry from various sources
Nepali actress Sanchita Luitel has acted in many Nepali movies like Apsara. She is considered one of the top actresses in Nepali movie industry.
In the interview with she also talks about her relation with actor Nikhil Uprety and asks all Nepali living abroad to come back home.

Nikhil Upreti talking with

Kantipur Fan Club – Nikhil Upreti

Part 1

Part 2

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  16 Responses to “Interviews : Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti”

  1. nikhil and sanchita real love i think so love is love so happey live nikhil and sanchita

  2. oi sanchita monkey i hate u so much okok,,,,,,,,,,,, i alos hate to watch ur movie cuz ur acting is not good like other heroine ,,, if u dont know how to act how can u become a heronia ha??????

    • hahaha it sound really jealous. it seems your id is really match with your face. how is your face pretty good than sanchita or nikhil ur retard

  3. hi nikhila and sanchita congratulation to marry.
    have a nice day.
    sanchita is so beutiful actress in nepal.

  4. hi nikhila dai how are you i i loke you are movie god bless you and your family ok sancita didi is so beutiful accteess in nepal have a nice day

  5. hi nikhil bro ,
    kin lukichhipi guptabas baseko marda vayar personal problem lai liyar sara nepali ko maya kin mareko vanata timi sit timro family matra hain dherai nepai ko sambandha jodiyako6 so nikhil bro plz come back in nepal n nepali cinema ok

  6. Hello nikhile bro,
    plz come back again in nepal to act in nepali movie.We all want to see u.I like ur smile,voice n u.Bye have a nice day!

  7. Sanchita is a filthy girl.

  8. nikhil gi k ho 1 jana lai ta samaya napugeko bela 2 jana lai kasari pug6 ra kopala didi kina yasari dukha dinu vayako nikhil g

  9. hello nikhil dai ke chha hal khabar ani ajkal kata ho kata nepali ma yauta ukhan chhani jun thalma khayao tyahi thalma hagni bhaneko tapai jastolai bhaninchha jun deshle nam,dam ra samman diyo akhir tyahi deslai yati thulo dhoka ,jantali kalpanik ghatana banayara jantalai sallah ra sujab dinuko sato des chhoder abhagna khojne kantar

  10. hello nikhil u r so fool idiot person because u r star of nepal and u doing like that. this is not good yar. if u want to more girl then u can get, for this no need to get marry yar. take lession for future.

  11. I really Hate Nepali hero
    nepali filim

  12. hy nikhil G kina sanchita sanga married gareko kopila lai chodiyara? is not good to hurt your frist life patner kopila?

  13. Hi nikhil and sanchita Dee please upload your new nepali movie i love to see your movies..

  14. Ke ho sanchita g,tapai feri pregnent hunuhuncha re haina?

  15. Hello nikhile brother,
    plz come back again in nepal to act in nepali movie.We all want to see u.I like ur smile,voice , u r my best actor of nepalase movie _i like your action
    sanchita luitel is my best actrees .
    I am waiting your uncoming movie Parichay,masti,kasam

    your fan Amarendra sah

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