Jun 192011

aishwaryabelly Rumors of Aishwarya Rai has been going on since she got married with Abhisekh Bachhan.

Now, the rumor has yet again re-started when she wore a loose fitting pale pink dress and posing as if she was trying to hide her baby bump. In the Prix de Diane horse race in Chantilly, north of Paris, France, Aish was seen chubby and was seen a bit more self conscious of her belly.

Whenever Aishwarya Rai wears not-so-body-hugging dresses, the rumors starts going around. But, the rumors remained untrue at all the times. One of the newspaper went as far as writing that Aishwarya Rai can’t conceive due to some problems. Both Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan responded in anger to such an imaginary news.

In Twitter Abhishek Bachchan wrote :

You want to write and malign me or my father, I will take it. But the ladies of my home are off limits! They’ve gone too far this time….. I have never reacted to all the fabricated stories written by the media about me and my own. BUT THIS IS THE LIMIT!!!

As a husband and a man I’m shocked that one can talk so irresponsibly about a woman, that too…falsely!! On a personal note, as a husband I will not stand for such rubbish being written about my wife.

In his blog Amitabh Bachchan wrote:

I am the head of my family. Aishwarya is not my daughter-in-law, she is my daughter, a woman, a lady in my house and home. If anyone will speak derogatorily about her, I shall fight for her till my last breath. If you have something to say to the men in the house, Abhishek or me, I shall bear it. BUT… if you shall make injudicious remarks on the women in my home, I shall not tolerate it !!!

Let’s hope this is a good news this time and the husband and father-in-law won’t need to cover-up all the rumors that goes around. Good luck Bachchans!



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