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Everybody knows she is married, and she even published photos in which her husband Chhabi Ojha is kissing her, in the last Valentine Day. But, now she is telling that she has never been married!


In Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant, loves controversy and wants to be on the headlines and in similar manner in Nepali movie industry we have Rekha Thapa. Any kind of news weather it is good, or bad, or even ugly, related to Rekha Thapa, is some sort of marketing for herself or her movies. Recently, in a popular weekly program Bi-scope of Kantipur FM, she announced that she is still a bachelor and is looking for a boyfriend.

Everybody knows she is married with one of the producers, Chabi Ojha, and has been living with him for years. But she claims that they are not officially married yet. She is still looking for someone faithful like a dog, who can protect her from any adversaries.

Does she mean Chabi is not a dog enough for her? Or is it just another marketing strategies for her recent release Hifajaat. A Hindu religious group’s attempt to stop the movie from being shown in Kathmandu has actually helped the movie in favorable manner. Everybody, all over Nepal are rushing to the theaters to see what is so objectionable in the dress she wears in the movie.

Whatever may be the case, Rekha is the hottest sensation these days and everything about her makes a sensational news!


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  53 Responses to “Rekha Thapa says she is not married”

  1. […] Krisha met Ramraja before they planned to do the movie together and broke-up during the production. Krisha said, ‘Ramraja has broken my heart. But, I believe the viewers will not break my heart.’ Do you want to break Krisha’s sweet heart? Of course not! Then, you have to go to theaters and watch her movie… Does something sound fishy? I don’t know for sure, but this is Nepali movie industry! Nepali movie industry has different types of people and they can do anything to promote their movies. Making a sustainable career in the entertainment industry is not easy. That is the reason why some like Sugam Sharma and Tejula Khatiwada who say they are willing to strip for movies. Such ‘do anything’ tendency is not only in the entry level artists. Established artists also create scandals or events to promote movies. It is to be noted that the Namrata Shrestha scandal was released when her movie was running in theaters. Our top actress Rekha Thapa, well known for creating controversy to promote her movies, was also quoted telling that she is still unmarried. […]

  2. It’s high time you find a DOG !!!!

  3. […] loves to be on top of the news, especially when her movie is on theaters. She said that she is unmarried, and told stories about her 220 mini-skirts, and a copy-cat poster all targeted to promote her […]

  4. hiiiiiiiiii rekha how r u ?
    i like urs move

  5. what a joke
    ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Ha… Ha… biwa garera ghorle chori payara ajha biwa gareko 6ena vanne. Ali kati pani lag lagde na.Kina yaso gar6u timi nepali kti haru le.. Life ma kta haru matri change garne ho ki kya ho. Aru kam 6ena.Kati sasto vako tyo jyan samalna sakina ki k ho…

  7. When will come my number………? Chhabi time is finish now

  8. aaba feri naya POI chaiyo hola nin ta
    ma pani un marrid nai ho ma sanga bibaha garni hota/?

  9. hii rakha didi how ru i love u movie so much love u byeeee

  10. Rekha Is To Bad In The Movie You Kissed Like Nikhil,Rajesh,Aryan,Ramit,Like That Somebody Soooooo…..! Now You Kissed Anthor People,Never Mind BEST OF LUCK!
    I Requste You Please Don’t Do That….!

  11. Thanks Rekha. i have been waiting for u for long time.
    Divorce him then i will get marry u my best.

  12. Thanks Rekha. i have been waiting for u for long time.
    Divorce him then i will get married u my best.

  13. kasto achamma hola yo ta hajur ko jodi budo chai kt ko father jasto dekhey ha ha ha ha h ha

  14. kasto aachamma ko kura bihhe gari moj garer kumari bhanna laj ladaina.

  15. hello didi,,,,,,,,,,,, u r sooooooooooo funny.tapai ko movie dherai ramro hunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  16. rekhako nakhara parne bani patakae man pardaena,she iz hot .Hot vayera k garnu hau tyasto bau vanda jetho manchelae poe roji,Butthe khukurile kam gardaena vanejhae usle pani dharilo chahiyo hola ni ta. Tyasaele ta she izz playing wid hot hot dog like aryan sigdel,jiven luitel,…………………..

  17. Hey u …………….searching………..re

  18. If rekha thapa is un-married then im ready to marry her and make her as my beloved wife becuz i love her so much… Rekha Thapa is perfect for me becuz she is the most sexiest girl

  19. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she is mad

  20. Rekha le je bolda pani hun6 vanne unko yo “Ghatiya” soch ho. Nepali film industry ma aafno chhabee ko karanle Rekhale je man lagyo tehi boln thaleki chhin. yehi gati badhdai jane ho vane Rekhalai Rachi lanu parne hun6.natra sabai Nepali heroine haruko ijjat barbat hune6. Rekhalai ahile 16 barshe jobani chadheko karan yo sabai hudai 6.

  21. If Rekha say so it’s great to me but not for you Chhabi. Sorry Chhabi please find another beautiful and young actress good luck , there are lots for you please release Rekha to me.

  22. didi u.s.a. ma poni come garnu na la new flim see gharna la

  23. i like uso much rekha ji

  24. Sexy and sick thapa

  25. haina ho rekha ji bihaha garera pani nagareko bhanne ? aa malai thaha bhayo pachi arko sanga bihaha hudaina bhanera ho ki ? tyasko lagi dar mannu pardaina hami chadaichauni sadaiko lagi navayapani jawaniko pyas ta metaidihalchauni . so sweet

  26. hi rekha dd i love u so muchhhhhhhhhh u rrrrr mooviii allllllllllll the besttttttttt………,,,,,,,

  27. i have one comment to rekha thapa that you are concious about your body structure.please make your structure like sexy girl……………

  28. ok Rekha ji if u r still unmarried then i am ready to get marry with u

  29. hi rekha ji r u not married

  30. hi rekhaji hajurko bibaha nabhayako hoina hola. a teso bhaya dosro bibaha nabhayako hola…………..

  31. hi rekha thapa i love u



  34. rekha g tapai ko herae so sexey 6

  35. Hi rekha y u don’t like chabi is he old or u interested in young then I m ready

  36. hiiiii,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its all abt bad idea coz rekha iz gud to her ,,,,,,,,,we dont have to use bad words with her,,,,i suppost to her,,,,,,luv u rekha dont mine rekha ,,,they all r jeolous with u r cuty girl,,,,,

  37. wow rekha ji lognet budo vako 6 k sexma bharipurna sukha din sak6 r ? natra hami pani chanu ni hau majjale thela sakchanu ni .

  38. Let’s see guys to Rekha Thapa…If nobody want to be marry her…I’m still signal it’s no problem….I will do it??

  39. It’s important to write and share good content like this. Your article is full of interesting and thought-provoking material. I agree with much of your article. Thank you for sharing.

  40. hi tapi ko flim ta romro rachia la . ok c u have a nice dream. kola

  41. rekha d u dont know.coz i need u fuck so when i can c u…

  42. hi rekha ji i wanna tell u ki iam ur big fan lol bye love u:p

  43. aati bho hai chora manche lai dog……in fact u r a bitch lady…. stop acting like a call girl…better start working as an escort that will suit ur attitude…^_^

  44. Hi dear Rekha thapa ,kasti chhau timi .

  45. ha ha if there is not official avidence of her married then it is quite suitable to say that she is not married. coz she is the woman can make relation with every dog walking in the street very cleaverly. that is why it is prove to be right to say that she is still unmarried and seeking for another suitable dog why can satisfy her demand. hahahaha

  46. r u really not married,,….. ?

  47. What a joke!!rekha ji kina jut bolnuhunch.suru ma auni bela ta uha lai nai hajur lai launu vako hoina ra .ailai ayera name/fame paiepa6ii. Mero ta behi ba6ina banai ra jukauni.

  48. Rekha u r so sexcy u have power to attract other emotion if u in bikini it wil be great opportinuty

  49. raka giko 15% panti ra brawage la garda ni hola everyday nice derm night fall and tomuch sexcy move la hi hi

  50. […] loves to be on top of the news, especially when her movie is on theaters. She said that she is unmarried, and told stories about her 220 mini-skirts, and a copy-cat poster all targeted to promote her […]

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