Jul 292011

Item dancer in Nepali movies, Sushma KC, while talking with Sanjay Saugat in Butwal has told that these days she finds sex quite normal.

While answering the question, “What do you think about sex?” Sushma told that, “Sex is the last stage of love between a boy and a girl. In the past, I was not sure what sex was. But, these days, it is normal for me.”

Sushma was shooting for an item dance in the movie, Jindagani Darpan Chhaya, as a guest artist, in Butwal. The movie is going to be released by the next month.

Talking about the ex-king, Gyanendra Shah, Sushma told that the king should be reinstalled. If given a chance to become the prime minister for a day, she told that she would have kicked out the corrupt government officials.

The two things that attract Sushma in males are religious nature and those who cook their own food. The body parts that attract are eyes, nose, talking style and the body built.


  29 Responses to “Item dancer Sushma Karki: sex is normal these days”

  1. i like susma karki wanna with him relation ship,,

  2. susma i no her frm last 3 yes bt wast hoping her to b in nepali cenema..excelent job in previous movie..all d best for upcomming movies..take care

  3. i like sushma

  4. susma rup ko kadar ta gara,chada hudai ma sexy hueney ta haina ne

  5. Sex is normal???…Yesto cheap actress haru bhayea pachi kaha bata nepali movie industry ramro huncha ra….aaime manche ko gahana bhannu nai laaj ho…you are so cheap actress.

    • sala bollywood movie ma j garda ni kina hernu ta yedi susma karki ko yo photo chada lagey jalle chahi kollywood lai chinauna thaleko 6 ullai chada mula pakhey haru she iz d idol n i respect her personality coz idols wont let go down ours industrys respect but they always makes our head high..keep on goin like dis but wont let our people i mean fyan of urs 2 say u r bad but let them 2 b proud 2 take ur name..love u

    • So nice to call yourself NepalHero with that itsy bitsy brain of yours.. the phrase “Sex is normal” doesn’t make a person cheap you moron.. it depends on how you absorb it on your tiny brain.. Sushma is just open minded enough to understand the fact that Sex really is normal yet it depends on how or with who your doing the said thing… if you would do sex anywhere and with any one and changes time to time makes it cheap.. but if you would do it with one person only and if your heart is included while doing it then it makes it normal and its something to be proud of.. are you feelin me bird brain??? ☺


  7. what a pathetic answer saying exile to the corrupt people….whats the use of sending them away they should be sent to jail and bringing back the king i am so astonished hearing the answer mostly surprised to the questioner asking such a stupid girl what would u do if u were a prime minister?

  8. i wan to make a deep relationship wid u..????????
    susmA……mA timi sAnga One hOle knight bAsna chAhaxaNXU….
    r u readdy…………>>>>>>>>>>>>?____________

  9. she seems to be very sexy so i like her

  10. good thinking by the perfect nepali lady as she is habitual to have it in every occasion of her life. the changing knowledge of nepali actress can help kollywood industry and producer as they have too many flim having item dance by sus karki as it is benificial for industry and producer in other matter. do not think ugly thing like sex. haha

  11. सुस्मा दिदी म तपाईं को साह्रै फ्यान हो मलाई तपाईं साह्रै मुन पर्छ तेस्ले गर्द म तपाईं सँग एक पटक कुरा गर्न मुन्छ मलाई तपाईं को फोन नम्बर दीनु मेल्छ भने दीनुन प्लिज

  12. Susma rock n very sexy

  13. hai ur name from today…..only me…susu hai taa !!

  14. didi tapaiko harek kura malai man parchha i like you n love you my sexy sis

  15. you luks fabulous …

  16. REally hot actress… love you. Thanks

  17. Tapailai.like.you.love.you

  18. Sushma you are so hot and sexy…. you can be the greatest actress in Nepali movie industry. Keep it up

  19. na kei padeko ta …na kei jaaneko xa…2 poiso ko buddi navayekaa so called actress haru le vanne ta yetti ta honi aafu lime light maa auxa :S

  20. What does that mean? Any hidden meaning?

  21. call girl ra

  22. she doesn’t have a good character…..

  23. I love you susma

  24. susma karki jasto heroin sayad kunai dhesh ma pani chaina hola testo khatam ho

  25. i am marrige but ilike you

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